all behind, we’ll go deeper, deep down and she will say:

21 oktober 2016

GDM—Grand Dad’s Visitor Center is a handmade museum constructed by my grandmother in eloge of her artist husband, my granddad, long lost in a tunnel, his last conceptual piece.”
–Laure Prouvost

Laure Provost, in de eerste video wordt een tour door het atelier van de grootvader van de kunstenaar gemaakt. Hij maakte allerlei obscure objecten.

MMK Frankfurt

The Silent Echo

18 oktober 2016

“For Zaven’s Perpetuum Mobile, twelve tiny speakers are raised high on thin stands, arranged in a broad circle. A piano composition circles around them, second by second, note by note, clockwise—echoing off the ancient stones, mixing with the contemporary sounds of birdsong and gunfire—until it collapses into disorder and chaos, eventually finding itself again. In theory, no two permutations of the installation are the same. But they all induce a kind of vertigo through mechanical and epochal time, history in free fall.”


Baälbek, temple of Jupiter


Art Forum