Drawing on a Revolution

21 oktober 2017

Marcel Dzama: La Revolución va a ser Femenina

La Casa Encendida


To remember, sometimes you need different archeological tools

17 oktober 2017

Hiwa K: Pindown – 2017

Performative, and defined by the artist as an “occasion”, Pin-down (2017) stages an intellectual wrestling game between Hiwa K and Bakir Ali, an Iraqi-Kurdish philosopher and writer currently working as a taxi driver in Berlin. Over the past years the artist and the philosopher have had wide-ranging poetic and philosophical conversations, which initially took place in intimate settings. Together they discussed the Kurdish question, ideas of non-belonging and “tracelessness”, “horizontalism” versus “verticalism” and an unfixed understanding of the world.

De Appel

The Dream Machine: The Beat Generation & the Counterculture, 1940-1975

16 oktober 2017

CASSADY, Neal (1926-1968). Typed letter completed in autograph and with autograph additions, corrections, and deletions in pencil and pen, to JACK KEROUAC (1922-1969), Denver, 17 December 1950. 18 pages, comprising nearly 16,000 words, some pale browning and minor marginal chipping

Emory Library