EX-MÊKH@ Platforms Project – Art Athina day 5: Opening

15 mei 2014

The opening of the Fair was different then we are used to: it started slowly in phases: first the press entered, then the VIP’s then all who were invited. When eventually things started to run there were lines at the entrance until closing-time which was consequently postponed to the horror of all kinds of staff. We had beer and evaluation elsewhere. More about the Fair later!



This was our booth as it could be visited during the Fair.


This is the work of yours truly


Left Maarten Schepers, on the right Ellen Rodenberg


Ben Faydherbe’s contribution makes the sign of the organization look pale!


Floris (1646) was also present for a symposion with his Latvian friends and other artists initiatives. In the middle Artemis Potamianou, artistic centipede (excuse my Duytch) and artistic director of the Platform Projects.


A Finnish collective burned a wooden bridge and a black square on the spot after which bronze Eurostars were thrown at the square in ninjastyle.


Then the crowd started to grow


Our communication expert felt completely in place


And the crowd grew and grew


EX-MÊKH got a lot of attention of young students


Some more work of Maarten Schepers and Ellen Rodenberg


Ellen Rodenberg’s work

Art Athina


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