EX-MÊKH@ Platforms Project – Art Athina day 8: the galleries

18 mei 2014

On our last day in the Platform Projects I tried to get an impression of the galleries on the floor of the stadium. Not many of the succesful international art-army are shown here which to me is a relief. You get a nice impression of art in the Levant, the eastern part of the Mediterranian. I noticed a number of interesting Photographers and some interesting galleries. I understand that not all the large galleries in Greece are represented here which is a pity, it would complete the image for people who are not aware of this region. Artemis Potamianou really made a relevant selection of highlights for her exhibition “Statement made” I think. All in all Art Athína has been a very interesting and rewarding view on an area that I was not really aware of. I would really like to take part again and I hope that I will get a chance to do so.


? at Mirko Maier Gallery/M-Projects


Wim Delvoye at Kaune Poshnik, Spohr Gallery


Roxanne Lowitt at Kaune , Poshnik, Spohr Gallery


Antonakis Christodoulou


Katsipanos Theofilos


I. Lassithiotakis


Kara Walker at Mulier Mulier


Pauline Otowska at Mulier Mulier


Maria Ikonomopoulou at Mulier Mulier


Tadashi Kawamata at Mulier Mulier


Daniele Alonge at UFOFABRIK Contemporary Art Gallery


Jacopo Prina at UFOFABRIK Contemporary Art Gallery


Another Italian Gallery: Dino Morra Arte Contemporanea


Maybe a bit outdated, but an intriguing picture by Apostolos Giorgiou at Zina Atthanassiadou


And also at Zina Atthanassiadou Nikos Navridis who had beautiful work at the Gennadius Library


Andrea Angelidakis whose opening we attended at the National Museum of Contemporary Art also shows at Zina Atthanassiadou


From Australia the painter Jarek Wojcik at Anna Pappas gallery from Melbourne


Diomitris Tataris uses Dante’s Divina Comedia


A Dutch gallery from Rotterdam: Joey Ramone Gallery featuring Harm Weistra


Gallery owners Hans Bakker and Kiki Petratou in front of the work of Christina Calbari


The Greek Elika Gallery was surprisingly up to date with very interesting Greek artists, this work is done by Vangelis Gokas


And this piece by Nikos Sepetzoglou


This could even be vintage EX-MÊKH, done by Zoe Giabouldaki


The booth of Elika Gallery was seperated from the aisle by this Oriental screen, my favourite gallery!


Artemis Potamianou showed with EKFRASI Yianna Gallery


deconstructed Art classics


On a beautiful wallpaper


which formed a suitable backdrop for her work


The Turkish artist Havva Marta at Galeri Binyil,


Greek Modern Classic master


Avramidis at the same gallery


And the kids are doing their thing in the workshop which was very much alive every day!


Art Athina

EX-MÊKH@ Platforms Project – Art Athina day 7

17 mei 2014

A brief round through the fair to see how things develop:


The REM Brand Name Project is doing very well selling tickets for the lottery , A1 is a nice picture!


The explosion of Speech engages a lot of people it seems!


Andrea Hvistendahl changed the view on her projhect Mind on matter completely


Lots of stones have been written on


Ellen Rodenberg is tireless in her attempt to have people experience what she does


She really gets them goìng!

Platforms Project

EX-MÊKH@ Platforms Project – Art Athina day 6: Parallel Programme

16 mei 2014

Art Athina, like other Art Fairs, has a number of side-shows such as Platforms Project, but also “Collecting Images of the Sensible, contemporary artworks from Turkey’s collectors” and the exhibition which Artemis Potamianou curated with highlights from the Art-Fair. Further more there are a number of Talks in which collectives, initiatives, events etc. can present themselves to an interested audience. Here you  can find a choice from all that, you will find the themes that are relevant in this region all over the programme:


This is the exhibition Artemis curated for the Fair


Christos Symatos: Xenia, 3th floor


Jimi Efthimiou, Dimitris Mitsopoulos, Vivi Papanikola: Greece, no problem


Micha Cataui: I think we got it all


Giorgios Katagelos: Night Scene, Havana, Cuba


Akis Karanos: Chamade (drumbeat announcing defeat or capitulation)


Angelos Spartalis: Atomic Bomb Test #2


Eleni Tsonis: Un-hoped for Rebirth


Theodoros Zafeiropoulos: Sliced log of Cypressus macrocarpa affected by the Seiridium cardinale


Theodoros Zafeiropoulos: Sliced log of Cypressus macrocarpa affected by the Seiridium cardinale


Harm Weistra: Parametric family


Sue Dodd: twelve most wanted

The important Greek collector D. Daskalopoulos presents his collection at the Fair by showing one work by the famous Swiss artist Pippilotti Rist: Super Objectiv a collage of image and sound that make one doze off into another world.


Pippilotti Rist: Super Objektiv – 2001

Then Greece is close to Turkey and in spite of the century long sensitivities between the two countries the artworld is convinced of the necessity of coörporation. The exhibition with contemporary artworks from Turkish collections whis was curated by Beral Madra and Saliha Yavuzon is a nice addition to the fair with iteresting works from international and Turkish artists, I will limit myself to some examples from the last in spite of the intention of the curators.


The sign for the exhibition with a small text asking attention for the mining accident in Turkey during the fair and for the way the Turkish govenment deals with it!


Canan Senol: Exemplary


Nil Yalter: Harem


Erinc Seymen: untitled


Nilbar Guresj: Unknown sports


Nilbar Guresj: Unknown sports


Pinar Yolacan: Maria


The only talk I had a chance to bge with was about Turkish Art. Beral Madra, the founder of the Istanbul Biennale had a nice talk about how the coörporatin with Greeks develops. After this talk also attention was drawn to the behaviour of the Turkish government in the mining disaster during that happened during the fair by second curator Saliha Yavuzon


And about the Sinopale, the international Sinopal Biennal there was a talk from


Melih Gorgun, who showed impressive examples of how you can organize an interactive art festival in a relatively small town.

Parallel Program

EX-MÊKH@ Platforms Project – Art Athina day 5: Opening

15 mei 2014

The opening of the Fair was different then we are used to: it started slowly in phases: first the press entered, then the VIP’s then all who were invited. When eventually things started to run there were lines at the entrance until closing-time which was consequently postponed to the horror of all kinds of staff. We had beer and evaluation elsewhere. More about the Fair later!



This was our booth as it could be visited during the Fair.


This is the work of yours truly


Left Maarten Schepers, on the right Ellen Rodenberg


Ben Faydherbe’s contribution makes the sign of the organization look pale!


Floris (1646) was also present for a symposion with his Latvian friends and other artists initiatives. In the middle Artemis Potamianou, artistic centipede (excuse my Duytch) and artistic director of the Platform Projects.


A Finnish collective burned a wooden bridge and a black square on the spot after which bronze Eurostars were thrown at the square in ninjastyle.


Then the crowd started to grow


Our communication expert felt completely in place


And the crowd grew and grew


EX-MÊKH got a lot of attention of young students


Some more work of Maarten Schepers and Ellen Rodenberg


Ellen Rodenberg’s work

Art Athina


EX-MÊKH@ Platforms Project – Art Athina day 1

11 mei 2014

On a sunday we arrive, a combination of cheap flight and misunderstanding about the date the Fair opens to build up. We appear to have two days to prepare ourselves and find to local inspiration. So after checking in Ellen and yours truly take a walk downtown to get used to the atmosphere. Superficially Athens doesn’t seem to be that much different from other times I visited the city, it seems cleaner and public transport has improved. Later we hear other stories about the state of the country !

IMG_3351 (Kopie)

Our hotel is across a large avenue from the sea

We see Greek-Orthodox churches everywhere, this first one has some nice details

IMG_3356 (Kopie)

As a first impression this is not bad

IMG_3358 (Kopie)

The predictable tourist traps approaching the Plaka

IMG_3363 (Kopie)

First sight at Acropolis which is overlooking everything

IMG_3365 (Kopie)

When the sun sets the light is incredible

IMG_3368 (Kopie)

Terraces are getiing more crowded then they already are


IMG_3369 (Kopie)

Moving through Archeological sites

IMG_3373 (Kopie)

We eventually end up in a nice street with Greek live music from the bar to enjoy our first dinner

Platform Projects