EX-MÊKH@ Platforms Project – Art Athina day 6: Parallel Programme

16 mei 2014

Art Athina, like other Art Fairs, has a number of side-shows such as Platforms Project, but also “Collecting Images of the Sensible, contemporary artworks from Turkey’s collectors” and the exhibition which Artemis Potamianou curated with highlights from the Art-Fair. Further more there are a number of Talks in which collectives, initiatives, events etc. can present themselves to an interested audience. Here you  can find a choice from all that, you will find the themes that are relevant in this region all over the programme:


This is the exhibition Artemis curated for the Fair


Christos Symatos: Xenia, 3th floor


Jimi Efthimiou, Dimitris Mitsopoulos, Vivi Papanikola: Greece, no problem


Micha Cataui: I think we got it all


Giorgios Katagelos: Night Scene, Havana, Cuba


Akis Karanos: Chamade (drumbeat announcing defeat or capitulation)


Angelos Spartalis: Atomic Bomb Test #2


Eleni Tsonis: Un-hoped for Rebirth


Theodoros Zafeiropoulos: Sliced log of Cypressus macrocarpa affected by the Seiridium cardinale


Theodoros Zafeiropoulos: Sliced log of Cypressus macrocarpa affected by the Seiridium cardinale


Harm Weistra: Parametric family


Sue Dodd: twelve most wanted

The important Greek collector D. Daskalopoulos presents his collection at the Fair by showing one work by the famous Swiss artist Pippilotti Rist: Super Objectiv a collage of image and sound that make one doze off into another world.


Pippilotti Rist: Super Objektiv – 2001

Then Greece is close to Turkey and in spite of the century long sensitivities between the two countries the artworld is convinced of the necessity of coörporation. The exhibition with contemporary artworks from Turkish collections whis was curated by Beral Madra and Saliha Yavuzon is a nice addition to the fair with iteresting works from international and Turkish artists, I will limit myself to some examples from the last in spite of the intention of the curators.


The sign for the exhibition with a small text asking attention for the mining accident in Turkey during the fair and for the way the Turkish govenment deals with it!


Canan Senol: Exemplary


Nil Yalter: Harem


Erinc Seymen: untitled


Nilbar Guresj: Unknown sports


Nilbar Guresj: Unknown sports


Pinar Yolacan: Maria


The only talk I had a chance to bge with was about Turkish Art. Beral Madra, the founder of the Istanbul Biennale had a nice talk about how the coörporatin with Greeks develops. After this talk also attention was drawn to the behaviour of the Turkish government in the mining disaster during that happened during the fair by second curator Saliha Yavuzon


And about the Sinopale, the international Sinopal Biennal there was a talk from


Melih Gorgun, who showed impressive examples of how you can organize an interactive art festival in a relatively small town.

Parallel Program

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