Art Athina 2015 V

4 juni 2015

Today the fair would open: after some fine-tuning of the booth the insurance people came by and at 15.00 h the press-opening would start. Then, at 17.00 h, the VIP-opening started. Later that evening it would really get crowded, but less than last year, when the VIP-opening and the general opening were combined. Participants in Platform Projects can not sell because here the idealistic initiatives present themselves at an idealistic rate,  lower than the commercial galleries. Reactions and interest were encouraging for EX-MÊKH of whom you can see the works here:


The posters Ben Faydherbe makes for us are better each year as you can see. He is really a secret member of EX-MÊKH!


We had a good view from the other side of the ring on which Platforms Projects was situated


This is an oversight of the booth from one angle


And this is one from another angle


These are details from my work, the Jihadi and the signature (Kees Koomen, KK with one K mirrorred to also refer to the video breathing in-breathin out) were both first shown at the Malieveld-project in Den Haag.


These are also mine with an experimental text-work from my diaries


This morning Maarten Schepers added the flags of which any visitor that wanted one could take it with him. The Palette and other work on the background are done by Ellen Rodenberg and the Photographs are by Maarten Schepers


Another birds view


Ellen Rodenberg’s work


Flags: Maarten Schepers


Boat: Maarten Schepers


General overview of the booth of EX-MÊKH

Platforms Project @ Art Athina 2015


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