Art Athina 2015-VI

5 juni 2015

The opening today was at 15.00 h so before we had some time to visit other exhibitions. We decided to see the Thomas Schütte show at Bernier Eliades Gallery, a very nice space near the Kerameikos subway station I wrote about earlier. You will find pictures here under. After that we had a quick visit to the fish market and later we arrived on time for the opening of the fair  to the general public. It started slowly, Tsipras was goïng to give a speach on national television and after there was a fierce discussion in parliament. That didn’t prevent the public from visiting though: after 18.00 h long lines of people were walking past our booth until at 23.00 the guards were starting to clear the hall which was not easy at all. We ended eating pizza somewhere at midnight after a rather surrealistic evening.


Thomas Schütte: Dog


Thomas Schütte: Dog


A beautiful light, almost Japanese image in a very heavy clay plate


Thomas Schütte: Eierkopf


Thomas Schütte: Eierkopf


Thomas Schütte: Eierkopf


Thomas Schütte: Something erotic


Thomas Schütte: Stillife with flowers


Thomas Schütte


Thomas Schütte


Thomas Schütte


Thomas Schütte: overview

Bernier-Eliades Gallery

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