#10: Athens – The Cycladic Museum

May 28, 2017

Last day in Athens and energy is fading. It is a cold rainy day. We walk to the Museum of Cycladic Art and on the way we see the changing of the guard near the Parliament on Syntagma square: theatrical humbug, especially in the light of what is happening everywhere! Then we find the museum which has a beautiful collection of sculptures and other artifacts. By chance, there is an exhibition of Cy Twombly and archeological highlights from other musea which we all like. After this we buy some souvenirs and decide to walk the path around the Acropolis once more. We have wine on the way and an early dinner: our plane leaves at 09.00h next day!

Cup bearer – Syros phase (2800-2300 B.C.)

Female Figurine – Syros phase (2800-2300 B.C.)

Satyr bearing a child

Cy Twombly – Pan 2x

Cy Twombly: Venus

Cy Twombly: Aphrodite Anadyomene (born from the foam in the breakers)

Cy Twombly: Orpheus


Clay lamp with Ityphallic figure of Pan – Roman Period

Cy Twombly: Apollo

Cy Twombly: Dyonisos

Cy Twombly: Dionysus

Cy Twombly: Anadyomene

Foreground: Cy Twombly – Orpheus

Cy Twombly: Orpheus

Cy Twombly: Victory

Cy Twombly: Orpheus

And on the way some found surrealistic footage

And a final chord on this last day!


Museum of Cycladic Art

Devine Dialogues

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