I Am Also Quantum

6 januari 2018

Ooit was ik wel eens bij de galerie van Tatjana Pieters in Gent geweest, maar toe bevond die zich nog in het centrum. Ik ken haar voornamelijk van beurzen. Nu ik ivm het Apprentice Master Project weer een keer in Gent was liep ik er per ongeluk tegen aan in de buurt van de havens aan de rand van de stad. Het is een mooie grote witte ruimte met een bekend ogende voorgevel. Te zien was werk van twee generatiegenoten, een uit België en een uit Japan, Guy Rombouts en Shuzi Azucho Gulliver. De laatste was twee maanden in residence in de galerie en maakte daar werk dat ook direct getoond wordt. De kunstenaars zijn verwant in hun aandacht voor taal en tekens, naast een poëtisch-conceptuele benadering. Beiden hebben ouder werk en recent werk geplaatst waarbij Rombouts in sommige werken direct op het werk van Gulliver reageert. Een verrassend aardige tentoonstelling met werk dat je in Nederland niet zo snel zult tegen komen.

Shuzi Azuchi Gulliver: Study for Quantum – 2017

Front – Guy Rombouts: Azart Bush – 2017

Guy Rombouts: 26 Road Blocks – 1995

vlnr – Shuzi Azuchi Gulliver: Apearance – Breath Amorphous # 5 eb # 3 – 1986

Shuzi Azuchi Gulliver: Body Project (agreement) and drawings – 1985

Guy Rombouts: Azart Alphabet – 2017

Guy Rombouts: Witzli Poetzli

Guy Rombouts: Tralal’art – 2000, waarde takken zijn afgezaagd zijn de stompen beschilderd

Shuzi Azuchi Gulliver: In and Out – 2017

Shuzo Azuchi Gulliver: Do-time 2 – 1993

Guy Rombouts: Legende Zwart-Wit – 1992

Galerie Tatjana Pieters


On aime l’art!

2 augustus 2017

In Avignon bij de Collection Lambert is door Éric Mézil een tentoonstelling samengesteld uit de collectie van Agnes B, modeontwerpster die recent in de De Luxe-bijlage van NRC uitgebreid aan het woord kwam over haar belevenissen.
Het is een bijzonder geslaagde tentoonstelling die een sterk persoonlijke signatuur heeft en indruk maakt door de keuzes die de verzamelaar uit diverse oeuvres heeft gemaakt uit wat een indrukwekkende verzameling moet zijn. De curator heeft de meer dan 400 geselecteerde kunstwerken ook  nog op originele en intelligente manier verwerkt, zodat de expositie meer dan de moeite waard is en een mooi beeld geeft van New York in de tachtiger/negentiger jaren en ook een sterke Afrikaanse component en meer recente kunst laat zien. Naast deze tentoonstelling wordt ook een hommage aan de Frans/Marokkaanse kunstenaar Leila Allaoui gepresenteerd. Deze fotografe kwam om het leven bij een terroristische aanslag in Ouagadoudou. Verrassend sterk werk van iemand waarvan ik nooit eerder werk zag. Ook is er een groepstentoonstelling te zien met werk van Anselm Kiefer, Joseph Beuys, Lothar Baumgarten en Wolfgang Laib in het kader van het veertigjarig bestaan van het Centre Pompidou in Parijs. Deze tentoonstelling is opgehangen aan de serie “La vie sécrète des plantes” van Kiefer die in 2003 door Yvon Lambert gedoneerd werd aan het Parijse museum. |

Mocht u nog in de buurt van Avignon komen: een aanrader!

Leila Allaoui: installatie

Leila Allaoui: uuit de serie “No pasara” – 2008

Leila Allaoui: video

Chérie Samba: Voyage Clandestin

Seydou Keïta: Sans titre (Homme à la fleur) – 1959

John Goba: Ode e Lay – 1996

Vergeten aan te tekenen

In de mooie zaal met Sol Lewitt-muurtekening – Douglas Gordon: Bootleg – 1995 (The Smiths and Morrissey)

Max Natkiel: Paradisio-still

Claire Taboulet: make-up – 2015

Andy Warhol: Untitled (Boy in the zoo) – 1954-1958

Claire Taboulet: les mangeurs – 2013

Daniel Johnston: Captain America

Cameron Jamie: Untitled – 2005

Futura 2000: Angie – 1995

Alexander Calder: Sun – 1970

Roman Signer: Sand Column – 1995

Roman Signer: Sand Column – 1995

Mona Hatoum: Keffieh – 1998

Mona Hatoum: Set in Stone – 2002 (links het westen, rechts het oosten)

Dieter Roth: Sans titre – 1985

Dieter Roth: Sans titre – 1985

Robert Wilson: Bessie Smith, Breakfast Chair – 1988

Cyprien Gaillard: Pictoresque (Königsburg) – 2007

Pierre Klossowski: Scene du jeune Ogier et du commandeur de St Vit – 1982

David Lynch: Fix my Head, Head and Hand, Potemkin Dream – 2010

Suicide’s Alan Vega: Sons of Anarchy – 2012

Alan Ginsburg: Portrait of Bill Burroughs – 1953

Jean-Michel Basquiat: Z.T.

Alain Dister: Mijn oude leraar Michael McClure en Alan Ginsburg – 1998

Een fantastische Gilbert and George

Anselm Kiefer: Der Traumkönig

Joseph Beuys: Jajaja – Neeneenee Elders in het gebouw klonk het geluidswerk van deze tape

Wolfgang Laib: Maison de Riz – 1985

Achter – Anselm Kiefer: Die Rheintöchter – 1969-1989, voor Wolfgang Laib: Milchtegel – 1996-1999

Anselm Kiefer: La vie secrète des plantes – 2001-2002

Anselm Kiefer: La vie secrète des plantes – 2001-2002

Anselm Kiefer: La vie secrète des plantes – 2001-2002 (detail)

Collection Lambert à Avignon

# 11: Athens: some afterthoughts about Documenta 14

May 29 2017

Learning from Athens is the subtitle of  Documenta 14 in Athens. The context of this vast city with its enormous history as a context to the art that is shown in the different venues definitely adds to its impact. Greece is still in economic problems and the number of refugees that are stuck in this country do not help to stabilize the country. For years I hear that young Greeks want to leave the country, but they don’t have the money. They can not migrate, even though Greece is part of the EU.
This tension is the atmosphere in which Documenta 14 is installed. A lot of the art is about migration, oral history is a major technique with which migration is being presented. Personal stories on video, with talking heads, which force you to listen to the stories instead of looking for images.

Raphaël, Yervan Ganikian’s father survived the Armenian genocide in Eastern Turkey in 1915. In 1988, while living in Venice, he sat for his sons camera and he read an excerpt from his memoirs, translated from Armenina into Italian.

You can see a lot of video in general, Video is time based art and a lot more of that can be experienced.  Under the title Body of languages continuing performances are brought in different spaces in the city. Music, art-performance, theatre, lectures and multi-disciplinary happenings are a way to engage the audience and to communicate with them directly.
Older ways of communication are featured, at times I had the impression old languages, old ways of living and other mores are re-evaluated. Also political history is shown as a reason for migration.

Hiwa K:Pre-Image (Blind as the Mother Tongue) – 2017

In all this, I was touched most by art-works that found an effective visual language for telling the story that the artist wanted to tell. The beautiful video in the conservatoire and the sculpture in the inner square in the Benaki of Hiwa K, The Graphic installation of Rosee Rosen in the Benaki, the Thai singer in Aarin Rungian’s video in the ASAF, the installation of  Nikhil Chopra and a lot more made me think this Documenta is worthwhile. My initial scepsis changed in real considerations to maybe visit the Documanta in Kassel also!

Documenta 14

#10: Athens – The Cycladic Museum

May 28, 2017

Last day in Athens and energy is fading. It is a cold rainy day. We walk to the Museum of Cycladic Art and on the way we see the changing of the guard near the Parliament on Syntagma square: theatrical humbug, especially in the light of what is happening everywhere! Then we find the museum which has a beautiful collection of sculptures and other artifacts. By chance, there is an exhibition of Cy Twombly and archeological highlights from other musea which we all like. After this we buy some souvenirs and decide to walk the path around the Acropolis once more. We have wine on the way and an early dinner: our plane leaves at 09.00h next day!

Cup bearer – Syros phase (2800-2300 B.C.)

Female Figurine – Syros phase (2800-2300 B.C.)

Satyr bearing a child

Cy Twombly – Pan 2x

Cy Twombly: Venus

Cy Twombly: Aphrodite Anadyomene (born from the foam in the breakers)

Cy Twombly: Orpheus


Clay lamp with Ityphallic figure of Pan – Roman Period

Cy Twombly: Apollo

Cy Twombly: Dyonisos

Cy Twombly: Dionysus

Cy Twombly: Anadyomene

Foreground: Cy Twombly – Orpheus

Cy Twombly: Orpheus

Cy Twombly: Victory

Cy Twombly: Orpheus

And on the way some found surrealistic footage

And a final chord on this last day!


Museum of Cycladic Art

Devine Dialogues

#9: Athens – Ancient Agora – Documenta 14@Athens Conservatoire once more

May 27, 2017

This day we decided to visit the ancient Agora, a public place where the ancient Greeks came together. The Agora is situated in front of the Acropolis on which it shows a magnificent view. In the restored Stoa of Attalos you can find a museum with sculptures and archeological findings from the terrain.
After a simple lunch we decided to visit the Athens Conservatoire once more for those who didin’t visit it yet. I appeared to have missed part of the Documenta exhibition there so for me too it was worth while. After that we were to have dinner with our German friends near there, but alas, that didn’t work out.

View on the Acropolis from the Ancient Agora

Triton at the entrance of the Palace of the giants, a gymnasium ( A.D. 410-530) which was built after the Odeion of Agrippa (15 B.C.) was destroyed by fire in the Herulian invasion. This Triton, as the other three that are still te be seen, remains from the Odeion.

The temple of Hephaistos from a distance. This temple is told to be the best kept antique temple on Greek soil.

My wife was able to join me the last couple of days. After having heard so many stories about Athens the past three years she wanted to see for herself again!

The headless Roman emperor  Hadrian

View on the Stoa of Attalos (159 – 138 B.C.) from a distance. This Stoa was built by Attalos II, king of Pergamon for the Athenians to meet, walk and do business. The Heruli destroyed it and in the fifties of the last century it was restored.

View on the inside of the Temple of Hephaistos

View over the length on the inside

View from the north

Metope from the side of the temple

Frontal view on the temple of hephaistos

This is what is left of the Middle Stoa (180-140 B.C.)

View on the restored Stoa of Attalos

Figurines of theatrical personae

Theatrical masks

Plan of the Agora at its fullest development in 2nd century A.D.

Athens Conservatoire


Nevin Aladagh: Music Room with funiture, housewares, musical instrument components and performances. At this moment a musical performance was being held with furniture instruments

Sedja Hémon, a rediscovered artist from Den Haag

Sedja Hémon

Sedja Hémon

Edi Hila

Edi Hila

Elisabeth Wild: Fantasia

Anna Davcíkova: on Allomorphing – 2017

Daniël Knorr: Book press

On this press dummies would be pressed

with stuff from the streets between its pages

The Ancient Agora

Documenta 14

#8: Athens – Museum of the Acropolis – Pireus

May 26, 2017

Platforms Project 2017 has finished, but there are still a few things to be seen. Last year I missed the newly built Museum of the Acropolis so our company decided to visit that area.  One can walk all the way around the Acropolis on a path that passes a lot of antique sites. In the back are the two antique theatres and the new museum, built by Renzo Piano who also built the new Stavros Niarchos cultural centre on the coast. After lunch we went to Pireus to see the performances beïng helt in the Pireus Archaeological Museum, but that museum closes at 15.00 h, so we took the beautiful walk along the east coast back to the city.

On the back of the Acropolis you can see the Parthenon behind the impressive walls.

This is the front of new Acropolis museum

The entrance is built over archaeological findings

The inside is state f the art

Head of a philosopher from the 4th century BC

The genuine Karyatides from the Erechteïon, put here to defend it against weather and pollution.

The backs of the three others, one of which was destroyed by cannon bullets.

On the top floor the museum has the metopes and the Frieze of the Parthenon built 1:1 It is said that this was done to convince musea all over the world to return the parts of the Parthenon that are scattered all over Europe. It is impressive to see that with a wide view on the real Parthenon.

This picture gives you an impression of the top-floor

On the way to lunch in the Plaka in front of the Acropolis we again recognize the pragmatic way of building in Greece.

And grafitti everywhere!

Marina in Pireus

Antique bookshop in the centre of Athens

In a newly discovered neighbourhood in the centre we had some ouzo after dinner

Acropolis Museum

#7: Athens – Platforms Project 2017 – Beton 7 Radio

May 26, 2017

Today is the last day of the Platforms Project. I had an option on my drawing which I sold definitely today. After 15.00 h we cleared out. We decided to visit the Acropolis and to have dinner in the Plaka, it seems obligatory for the ones who came in yesterday. After dinner we are invited at an opening at Beton 7 Radio, together with a Jazz concert by the Blue Note Trio: Jazz Archeology that is! It got to be a nice and relaxed day with another unexpected number of visitors at the fair.

The walk to the venue of Platforms Project is great, with a fantastic view from the hill behind it.

On the way you see a lot of Grafitti that I like

This is a great piece!

On the Spot Stéphan Guéneau and Louise Crawford are working on yet another piece

Which turned out really fine!

and a great poster on the side!

Marian Wijnvoord added a beautiful series of little landscapes

This is the drawing that I sold

Another walk took me upstairs to IFAC arts with this original appropriation

ALISN from Brasil with great music videos

and posters

Geeta Rooparine at Lubimirov/Angus Hughes

and a great teacher from England, St. Martin’s,  whose name I couldn’t find back, the drawings are wiped right after he fisnishes and he goes on forever!

Tiny Domingos is getting sentimental about clearing the booth

But EX-MÊKH is it’s usual self about it

KRAATZ is just continuïng to experiment, wonder when they left?

On the Acropolis the light was magnificent

The sun set behind the Parthenon, or the Erechteïon really

A beautiful evening

View on the Acropolis and the tower of the winds at night

Off to Beton 7 Art Radio which appeared to be a rather fashionable place

At Beton 7 Art Radio the show was worth while with work by Mathieu Valade who put well known art manifestos in a Star Wars context


Julie René de Cotret sew hats together, it looks technical all of a sudden, well, soft technics!

Artemis Potamianou is also an artist and this is her work

The stuff you gather,,,

The crowd was all over the place, like in the bar

Or in the concert by the Blue note Trio

Platforms Project

Beton 7 Art Radio