Le sommeil n’est pas un lieu sûr/Imaginaria

21 augustus 2019

Myriam Haddad studeerde af in Parijs in 2017 aan de Ècole des Beaux Arts. De Syrische schilder, afkomstig uit Damascus, verliet haar geboorteland in 2012 om daar haar studie te vervolgen. In 2019 wordt zij reeds gevraagd voor een prestigieuze opdracht: de affiche te ontwerpen voor het beroemde theaterfestival van Avignon. Een jaar eerder was zij al door Yvon lambert uitgenodigd voor de tentoonstelling Rêvez #2 en nu toont ze na het ontwerpen van de affiche recent werk in de Collection Lambert in Avignon. Na eerder Claire Tabouret te hebben getoond  brengt de Collection Lambert nu opnieuw een interessante vrouwelijke schilder. Zij schildert  verhalen in figuratieve voorstellingen, waarschijnlijk een gevolg van de orale traditie die in het Midden Oosten bestaat. Die voorstellingen zijn in een krachtige expressieve en gelaagde stijl geschilderd waarbij het kleurgebruik bepaald ongeremd mag worden genoemd. Ik vind het enorm interessant werk en toon bij deze een indruk van wat ik zag:

Agonia – 2019

Debout 1 – 2019

Un ciel sans soleil – 2019

De kunstenaar confronteert constant grote en kleine formaten zoals hier .

Le Sauveur – 2019

Sopor – 2018

Van de Braziliaanse kunstenaar Vic Muñiz wist ik niet veel meer dan dat ik werken met irissen van hem in het Van Gogh-huis in Zundert heb gezien. Het waren fotocollages die tot reproducties van van Gogh’s irissen hadden geleid. De collages waren gemaakt met fotomateriaal waarvan de kleur en de structuur bijzonder effectief zijn gebruikt.
Bij de Collection Lambert zijn nu een grote serie met reproducties van klassieke schilderijen te zien die in de zelfde trant zijn vervaardigd. Alles ingelijst en achter glas, wat door de grote ramen en het felle Provençaalse licht in ieder geval problemen gaf met fotograferen. Het is een vrij indrukwekkende tentoonstelling die vragen stelt over authenticiteit en in hoeverre je jezelf klassiek werk mag toe-eigenen. Ik had de indruk dat sommige werken in een ander perspectief waren gezet, of waren het trompe l’oeuil werken die op een plafond hingen? Uiteindelijk neemt bewondering voor de effectieve wijze van materiaalgebruik de overhand zoals u in het weinige materiaal dat ik schoot kan zien:

Drie voorbeelden met reflectie

Vic muñiz: The immaculate conception, after Giovanni Battista Tiepolo – 2018

Nog een overzicht met een enthousiaste bezoeker

Archangel Michael, after Darko Topalski – 2018

met een close-up, om een indruk te geven van de techniek!

Collection Lambert


Platforms Project 2019 – last day

19 mei 2019

For this last day I took some loose ends, works I hadn’t yet seen or neglected:

The kids from the childrens workshop did a tour and worked at the booth of EX-MÊKH

At Tidal Flow Art, artworks were produced from all the garbage that pollute the seas and the oceans

Association Théâtre Dionysos et Apollon had the public participate in making artworks

Sarah Jane Gorlitz from Guelph at Soft Turns. This is a Arabidopsis Thalania worked on with the computer. The plant is the first weed to survive a full life cycle in space. By computertechniques some parts are only enlarged pixels

The Greek-French platform Come Alone showed a great installation done by Adrien Chevrier, who put stuff in a concrete-mixer last year during a performance.

Patara Gallery from Georgia had nice painting, I don’t know by whom, but I liked it a lot!

This is probably another artist from the same gallery.

Das Esszimmer from Bonn had a very subtle presentation, monochrome ceramics by Christoph Mügge and painting by Felix Baudenbacher

And the last stand I hadn’t really looked at showed Yiorgos Giotsas with Tortured Artist

And at the end a genuine Rebetika singer at KoPeKT, the atmosphere at café Kapetan Michalis is truly present!

Platforms Project 2019

Also @ Jegens & Tevens

Meanwhile, in Athens: After Babel

18 mei 2019

Until now I haven’t seen much more than subwaystations and the fair so I decided to visit the city. Inquieries told me that in the concert-hall/ cultural centre Megaron Musikis I could find an exhibition under the name “After Babel”, so I decided to visit that. But first I went back to the fair, because we wanted to do the art route that Und. set out in Lefkados street. Not everything could be found or recognized, but we got a lot:

This seems like a deliberate set up!

This white shadow must be painted by an artist, or not?

Unmistakably Vasilis Botoulas was here!

The painter of white ghosts passed by.

This makes me think of the Malieveld project in Den Haag that I participate in!

? Great stuff anyway!

This also seems very delibarate, it connects to the poster in the first picture.

In Kallithea subwaystation I found a hidden painting which I think could have some more attention.

After checking on the installation I could leave for downtown. The exhibition “After Babel” is a trilogy with the subtitle “The Unwritten Library”. The concert hall and the new wing form a labyrinth which the curator Anna Kafetsi changed into the post Borgesian library of Babel. It consists of reading rooms, archives and stackrooms in the public and secret areas of the complex. Happily there are guides that help you find your way in the immense building.

But then in the buiding, the exhibition starts with a beautiful installation by Gary Hill: I Believe it is an Image in Light of the Other – 1991 – 1992 It plays with books and videoscreens

And the second beautiful work is by William Kentridge

A video that goes trough a book: Second hand Reading – 2013

The third work is also a surprise: A video of Ulysses Carriòn, dutch visual poet and book artist we hardly hear about anymore.

It was great to hear him talk about his work… Bookworks revisited – 1986

Kyrillos Sarris: The Journey of a Fool Stop – 1995

Irma Blank: UR-BUCH Ovvero ROMANZO BLU – 1987 An Interesting artist, books, language and painting combined

Stephanie Syjuco: Free Text – This is a workspace with prints of theoretical texts, available on the internet,

Some prints are put up on the outside, take away the leaf that interests you and you can find the URL on it.

Rivane Neuenschwander set up bureaus with typewriters for the public to write whatever they want. Only the texts can not be read, because the signs do not correspond to the letters on the keys

Jorge Méndez Blake: All the Borges Books (conversation between Jorge Luis Borges and Jorge Méndez Blake) – 2018

George Hadjimichalis: 66 Photographs from the archives – persons, details and situations -2012

Kyrillos Sarris: Finn, or the eternal recall of the end – 2011 This is a loop with picture from the life of James Joyce from infancy to death-mask

The one hundred letter word, the first thunderclap from James Joyce’s Finnegan’s Wake.

Annotations from Finnegan’s wake, it ’s so huge it buries the book itself

Gary Hill: Viewer- 1996

Jorge Méndez Blake: From an unfinished work (the garden of Eden) – 2014

Jorge Méndez Blake: 20 things I learned about libraries (detail) – 2018

Rania Bellou: Confession of a kiss I-XII, Turning a hundred times around I, II – 2014 The reconstruction of the life of Mrs. Margareth Becker of new York in drawings and installation

The drawings seem to fade away which gives a dreamlike quality to them

Irma Blank: Radical writings – Dal libro totale – doppia pagina VIII – 1983

Estefania Peñafiel Loaiza: Sismografies 3. Entrenerfs – 2013

Fiona Banner: Performance Nude – 2007

Fiona Banner: Performance Nude – 2007 It’s interesting that the nude is painted in tekst, which gives a totally different effect and a time element to the work

Rania Bellou: The diary of M. Becker 1940 – 2014

Estefania Peñafiel Loaiza: Déclaration de flamme – 2011 – 2018 A text in charcoal and gunpowder on two sheets of paper, not printed but placed directly on the surface. It could blow away in a minute which gives it an ephemeral quality.

Rania Bellou: Dismantling the Past – 2014

Of this work I didn’t find info, liked the drawings though

And the snakes went all over the building in the garage

Jorge Méndez Blake: The Castle – 2007 About Franz kafka’s book The Castle

Shilpa Gupta: For, in your tongue, I cannot fit – 100 jailed poets – 2017 – 2018

Shilpa Gupta: For, in your tongue, I cannot fit – 100 jailed poets – 2017 – 2018

George Hadjimichalis: Workshops of projects and images in crisis – 1994:  A shack in which surfaces are prepared to paint on. There should be a colour chart of the sky, a description of places and a history of the building of men’s houses. This is part of a workshop as part of a series of exhibitions when Greece presided over the European communities in 1994.

This the exterior of the shack

Michael Mandiberg: Print Wikipedia – 2009 – 2016

Thu van Tran: To exist hidden – 2009

The exterior of the building which was designed by Marcel Breuer

At night, at the fair, Lucia Bricco performed part III of “The Morning, the morning, the morning”.

The dead tree was stamped against the blue floor splitting in four

And at the end coffee again!

After Babel

Platforms project 2019

Platforms Project 2019 – The Fair

17 mei 2019

KOPEKT (Corect) is a group that shows an attitude sooner than artworks. I could find myself right away in this referential amalgam.

Drawings from the taverna where they meet

And the drawings are not bad at all!

At Daily Temporary from Sweden I was asked to participate in a performance by Leticia Maria from Palma.

I was the surface for a projection of the art-cake that was made by visitors

The visitors got an apron and started to get creative on the cake which was projected on my belly…


Political art by studio Asynchrome at Kunsthalle Graz

Nice work by the Greek-Rotterdam artist Maria Ikonomopoulou at Vita Zita Studio

Various Artists from Bruxelles (B) showed a fantastic project in which they have the audience make their own artwork

The result is always minimalistic and beautiful. This is “Pocketwork” -Carbon on paper worn in the pocket for two or three months.

Orphaned Images: Video-cakes by The museum of Forgetting

Topp and Dubio from Den Haag participated with an intricate installation about a sign in a shop they encountered.

The details are pretty hilarious as often

Another platform from Den Haag is Elders with Paintings by Lucius Pax and Liesbeth Bos, ceramics by Corine Barendregt and photographic work by Liesbeth van Woerden.

Corine Barendregt shows abstract Ceramics, created by pressing clay in the structures she finds on the street.

Liesbeth van Woerden adds 3D elements to her minimalistic photographs

Lucius Pax shows a series of Paintings with urban portraits

From the UK:  H-M-S with numerous artists

Ed’s video from Guelph in Canada shows an installation by Jérôme Havre based on Plato’s cave

A Hero from my youth: The Silver Surfer in mosaïc- technique in Transform Art Platform from Beograd by Milan Cuk

The Bureau d’art et de recherche Roubaix with works on paper by Guilaume Krick and sculpture by Clara Juliane Glauert

A-Trans from Berlin shows beautiful works by Concha Argüeso from Spain

Which is clear when you get closer, the artist writes and paints on the back of the paper with wax

Other minimalistic works like this ensemble also look strong

Lucia Bricco showed the stage for her performances at Sub Rosa Space from Athens

Kunsthalle Kleinbasel shows vulva’s by Nina Herrmann under the name Where are you from?

I think I prefer these

Galleria Rajatila from Tampere in Finland shows these little pieces that I like.

Heidi Lincke’s work at Scotty from Berlin is great, but making pictures in this light is difficult. The rapper worked with Kendrick Lamar

These drawings at Scotty are also great: Magnetfelder by Zuzanna Skiba

ID:I Gallery from Stockholm uses textwork, though Alexander Mood seems to be sleeping on the side it is an interesting installation

I Always like the beautiful small collages by Sandra Gea. Here she seems to broaden her perspective

Very subtle works!

This light and airy installation was a nice surprise from Backspace in Athens, done by artists group Bo.Ba (Katarina Botsari and Eleanna Balesi)

Great Urban Photography from the AC-Institute in New york

The Bcademie, a post academic course in Rotterdam, was also present with the old Dutch game of pulling strings and win an Artwork

Amongst which this SD-card on which the whereabouts of a buried artwork is indicated, by Lucas van Eeden

This is done by Kimon Kirligitsis and it has soon disappeared

This is by the same artist, it did not take long for this one to be chosen by a winner.

The Alpineum Produzentegalerie shows great painting by Reto Leuthold

This drawing was shown at Pow Wow: Coming in Waves by Katerina Papazissi

The beautiful presentation of IS-Projects shows American abstractionists from NewYork

Like Jacob Cartwright

And Patricia Zarate

At Und. the work of Vasilis Bótoulas stood out. It was an interesting stand of a cultural site that issues maps of cultural spaces in Athens and has an interesting blog. Check und-athens.com

It’s al about La Divina Comedia with beautifully ingraved metal circles,by Niki Zachari

Left Sub Rosa Space with Lucia Bricco’s installation and on the right EX-MÊKH’s installation

And back at Und. this nice textpiece by Kiriakos Spirou

In the evening Lucia Bricco continued her performance “The morning, The morning, the morning by entering with a blanket with technical toys in a blanket that she carried like a baby. She then let it all fall on teh ground, wound the toys around her head as you can see here

Ant sat down, waiting.

A bigger machine came at her, trying to get pieces of the ground

She put toys under her shirt, let them fall again and then had another coffee

And EX-MÊKH was talking again, with colleagues, with student, with visitors…


Platforms Project 2019


Platforms Project 2019 – The Opening Day

16 mei 2019

After a morning of finishing touches, a press-conference by directors Artemis Potamianou and Michalis Argyrouat the press makes a round. At 19.00 h the fair is opened for invited guests and even before the crowd starts streaming in. The amount of visitors is twice that of last year which is what you would expect seeing people strolling by.
EX-MÊKH’s Ellen Rodenberg has been asked to manage the children’s educational department and instruct the volunteers for workshops, tours of the fair and preparing the workshop space. That takes a lot of her time after EX-MÊKH’S booth is finished
An impression of the day, with first the installation by EX-MÊKH as it was finished:

EX-MÊKH: Equilibrium

The blue Sculptures are done by Maarten Schepers, the abstract painting is done by Ellen Rodenberg and anything with text is done by kees Koomen

A more close impression

Lots of words

and colours

The small paintings are from the diaries

as are the shards from the past that Kees Koomen wrote

We were satisfied with a colourfull, spacious installation

The press conference with left Michalis Argyrou and on the right Artemis Potamianou

Ellen Rodenberg is instructing the volunteers, Artemis’ angels!

Even in the afternoon IS-Projects is finishing their presentation of New York Abstractionism

The space where the kids workshops are beïng held is beïng prepared. EX-MÊKH’s Maarten Schepers is happy to construct the exhibiting sculpture

When the actual opening starts we notice that EX-MÊH’s network has grown considerably, people from earlier editions come to say hello.

There are a number of performances during the evening, this one is done by Joëlle Montech, and Elvira Andrikogiannopoulou at Association theatre Dionysos et AppollonIt is called “Tango against Photo”

This gives you an impression of the crowd in the beginning of the opening.

Then, next to EX-MÊKH, Lucia Bricco starts “The morning, the morning, the morning”

She comes from behind a curtain on which an urban surrounding has been drawn

She sits down in front of it, everything is blue

A pot stands next to her

She starts washing herself with the earth that is inside the pot

It litterally looks like washing

In between Karen Linnenkohl walks by as “Mirror Head”

And Lucia Bricco continues

Lies straight along a line of earth underneath the drawing

She tries to move the drawing by blowing against it

And stands up and takes coffee, morning at last!

At the end of the day EX-MÊKH was tired and satisfied with the reactions on the works.

Platforms Project 2019






20 september 2018

In het Jeu de Paume was tot vorige week de tentoonstelling Blackboard te zien van Bouchra Khalili, een Marokkaans politiek geëngageeerd kunstenaar die zich met migratiebewegingen en de gevolgen daarvan voor het individu bezig houdt. Zij doet dat door gebruik te maken van de orale tradities die vele migranten van huis uit kennen. Zij werkt met fotografie en video, waarin de invloeden van vooral Pasolini en zijn ideeën over “cinematografie als poëzie” zich doen gelden. De installaties die in deze tentoonstelling te zien zijn heb ik voor een deel gezien, maar zo in context van een aantal andere werken uit het laatste decennium was ik toch danig onder de indruk van de consistentie en het waarachtig engagement dat zich in dit werk uit. Er worden voor deze tijd relevante vraagstukken behandeld op een manier die hard aan komt. Ik ben benieuwd of een kunstenaar als Khalili in Nederland ooit getoond zal worden.

Ook bekend van Documenta IV: The Tempest Society. De drie protagonisten kijken naar videomateriaal van een demonstratie op het Syntagmaplein in Athene en vertellen over de aanleiding hiertoe en de hoop die toen (tevergeefs) opvlamde.

uit: Foreign office – 2015 Deze video handelde over de periode tussen 1962 en 1972 toen Algiers het Mecca van de revolutie was. De hoofdkwartieren van een aantal bevrijdingsbewegingen in Africa, Azië en N. en Z. Amerika bevonden zich in deze stad, zoals de Black Panthers met Eldridge Cleaver, de ANC uit Z. Afrika en de PLO.

In een dialoog tussen twee jonge Algerijnen wordt de geschiedenis herschreven met beelden en taal. Zo wordt èn de geschiedenis en haar echo op de hedendaagse mens onderzocht.

Deze serie foto’s maakt deel uit van Foreign Office. Het zijn actuele opnamen van de panden waarin zich vroeger de kantoren van de bevrijdingsbewegingen bevonden. Een spookachtige weergave van waarin utopische ideeën kunnen uitmonden.

The Archipelago: hierin worden de verschillende bevrijdingsbewegingen in Algiers t.o.v. elkaar geplaatst binnen de plattegrond van Algiers waarvan alleen de klanken en de t.o.v. elkaar geïsoleerde locaties overblijven als residuen van een verloren Atlantis.

The Speaches-series: Mother Tongue

The Wet Feet-series, over migratie van de Caraïben naar de V.S.

The Mapping Journey Project: In deze video vertelt een migrant over zijn belevenissen en tekent de routes die hij reisde om in zijn ideale bestemming te komen. Soms duurde die reis jaren waarin hij heeen en weer reisde naar tussenstations

De video werd getoond in een zaal waarin acht van die verhalen werden getoond

The Speeches – Words on Streets waarin in een verlaten gemechaniseerde haven van Genua het verhaal over de sociale geschiedenis van migranten wordt verteld.

Twenty-Two Hours is speciaal voor deze tentoonstelling gemaakt. Het verhaalt over de reis die de bekende Franse schrijver Jean Genet in 1970 maakte naar de VS om de strijd van de Black Panther Party te ondersteunen. Weer is er een commentaar, van een duo jonge Afro-Amerikaanse vrouwen dat hierover vertelt en ook is er een oud-lid van de Black Panther Party die betrokken was bij het bezoek en hierover vertelt. Zo krijg je door drie invalshoeken met verschillende context en tijdselementen een mooi gelaagd beeld over wat zich afspeelde en wat het betekent.

Musée du Jeu de Paume



19 september 2018

In het Maillol museum is een kleine maar fijne tentoonstelling ingericht over de ontwikkeling van de van oorsprong Zwitserse beeldhouwer Alberto Giacometti. De ondertitel van de tentoonstelling luidt: “Van traditie tot Avant-garde” en dat dekt de inhoud volledig. Getoond wordt hoe Giacometti vanuit de academische traditie onder invloed van Brancusi, Zadkine en Lipschitz richting het eigenzinnige werk werd geleid waarmee hij bekend is geworden. Het contrast met het werk van Maillol dat hier is te zien geeft mooi da afstand aan die de kunstenaar heeft afgelegd.

Alberto Giacometti: Lopende man

Ossip Zadkine: Venus

Alberto Giacometti: studie

Ossip Zadkine: Muzikant

Giacometti: portret

Giacometti: portretstudie

Giacometti: woud

Musée Maillol