Performer and participant

9 februari 2021

In 2017 organiseerde de Haagse presentatieruimte Parts Project een tentoonstelling van de Brabantse kunstenaar Jeroen Dooreweerd met een aantal werken uit de Japanse kunstbeweging Gutai. Die Gutai-werken intrigeerden me behoorlijk en nu zag ik in Tate Etc. een artikel over de Japanse beweging naar aanleiding van een presentatie in de Tate modern:

Otsuji Kiyoji’s photograph shows Tanaka Atsuko wearing her Electric Dress, made from electrical wires and painted neon light bulbs, at the 2nd Gutai Exhibition, Tokyo, 1956

Tate Modern

Tate Etc.

24 september 2005

Zoals ook Cioran suggereert: Tate-etc. is in de herfst behoorlijk spiritueel!

Sista Pratesi on Bridget Riley’s Blaze (1964): “When I saw this painting for the first time something permanent changed in me. It brought on a sense of feel the fear and do it anyway”.

Bridget Riley: Blaze – 1964

Hans Ulrich Obrist:
” We have to listen to the artists. It is wonderful to remember what the Dia Foundation managed in the 1970s. For example, it was responsible for La Monte Young’s Dream House and Walter de Maria’s Lightning Field. At the moment there is a risk that this emphasis on the artist might disappear. My museum of the future is about being close to those who make the art. It includes chapters and laboratories, large halls as well as small rooms, white cubes and anti-white cubes. It is a perspective rooted in complexity, in the unexpected, the spontaneous and the unplanned.”

Jenny Saville and Glen Luchford: Closed contact #13 – 1995-1996

The nude stripped bare

John Currin: Bottom

Tate Etc.