Odd Lots

9 september 2005

Gordon Matta-Clark herontdekt met een verrassend project wat opnieuw wordt opgepikt:

Gordon Matta-Clark in Jaime Davidovich’s video at the Queens Museum, and Mark Dion’s sketch of an imagined subterranean museum at White Column

“ Matta-Clark bought 15 parcels, 14 in Queens and 1 in Staten Island. When he died of cancer at 35, in 1978, he left behind the deeds and their unpaid tax bills. Apparently, he had vaguely thought about installing art on the plots or giving plots to artists to install their art, although the properties were really too impractical to use. Years after he died, his widow, Jane Crawford, coming upon the documents in a box, devised collages that consisted of the deeds, photographs and maps – surrogate versions of the property, not unlike the “nonsites” by his mentor and fellow entropist Robert Smithson.”


Queens Museum