16 december 2005

Einde van het jaar, tijd voor introspectie: “ State of the Art”  in de NYT:

“ Has the art world gone crazy? Don’t ask. Anyone interested in learning just how crazy can find many of the most extreme artworks created over the last 40 years – which include everything from public cervical inspections to necrophilia – described in Tracey Warr and Amelia Jones’s remarkable volume, “The Artist’s Body.” Some people discover meaning in these displays. Most simply avert their eyes. But there are others who pay attention for their own reasons. They want to be offended. Right-wing congressmen, fundamentalist preachers and combative New York City mayors know they can rouse their supporters to a state of fevered indignation by raging against the excesses of modern art. Of course, when the forces of repression attack, the enlightened rush to the barricades to defend free speech and artistic expression. “

En juist daar doet Abramowitz het allemaal nog een keer dunnetjes over (met dank aan Hinke):

Marina Abramovich: Re-enactment “How to explain art to a dead hare”

Suds and Soda