Art Athína 2015- The Fair

7 juni 2015

The last day of the fair, lines in front of the Taekwondo hall all day and an unending stream of visitors visiting our booth. Our work has been received well, lots of flags of Maarten have been taken along and reactions were great! We have to thank Artemis Potamianou and her Platforms crew for a great week and EX-MÊKH hopes to be back next time. In this post you will find some interesting art from the main floor to finish  the report on Art Athena 2015.


There is some very accomplished painting to be found in Greece, I like these canvases by Kostis Georgiou.


Martin Creed has been very active in Greece during his residency. The portraits of wll known Greeks make me think of Dutch painter Emo Verkerk @ Kappatos Gallery


Marina Abramovic wants you to put your head against the Quartz @ Kappatos Gallery


Pericles Goulakos, work on paper @ Ekfrasi Yianna Grammatopoulou


Dimitris Tataris


A collection of Photographs @ Mulier Mulier Gallery


Guy van Bossche @ Mulier Mulier Gallery


Maria Ikonomopoulou @ Mulier Mulier Gallery


Maria Ikonomopoulou @ Mulier Mulier Gallery


Tadashi Kawamata @ Mulier Mulier Gallery


Art & Language @ Mulier Mulier Gallery


Klitsa Antonionou @ The Collection Gallery


Klitsa Antonionou @ The Collection Gallery


Lieke Snellen @ Joey Ramone


Lieke Snellen @ Joey Ramone


Tudor Matu @ Joey Ramone


Wietse Eeken @ Joey Ramone


Gerwin Luijendijk @ Joey Ramone


Jan van der Ploeg and Adrian Esparza @ Taubert Contemprorary


Nana Sachini @ A. Antonopoulou. art


Alexis Psychoulis @ A. Antonopoulou. art


Naomi Middelman @ UFO-Fabrik


At 18.00 h. the winner of the THMHF- Award at The Tupajumi Foundation will be announced. Internet votes are beïng counted


and the votes from the fair have to be checked once more!


One last vote is added


And the winner is: Alicia Eggert with “Now”


And this, of course, calls for drinks


A last walk along the beach at night and we’re off to Holland again

Art Athina 2015



Do it again

15 oktober 2005

Over performance, re-enactment en acteurs:

– “ MA: I am doing them because I feel that I am the only one left of my generation who is still performing. And I feel that I want to set history straight, because there are so many commercial rip-offs, like Steven Meisel, for example – his recent fashion spread in Vogue is like Orlan with her plastic surgery. Fashion takes art out of context and uses only the surface. Theatre also rips off performance like you can’t imagine; and of course it happens in art too. A lot of kids are doing copies. So my attitude is, if you want to do a performance originally done by someone else, it’s fine if you treat it like, say, a musical score. But you have to have a few rules. For my re-enactments I have asked the artists or their foundations for permission. I asked Chris Burden for permission to perform Trans-Fixed [1974], the piece that involved him being nailed to the hood of a Volkswagen, and his assistant sent me a letter saying, ‘not this piece, not any piece’. And I replied, ‘great, I respect this, but tell me why’. The assistant wrote back saying, ‘Mr Burden doesn’t talk publicly’. And this pissed me off. Fine, but I think he should have explained his reasons. I am very disappointed about this, because I really wanted to do this piece. The woman crucified, finally. I wanted to do it on a Volga, which was designed in the Tito era, though, instead of a Volkswagen.“


Tegen alle regels in

16 februari 2005

Egon Schiele, Marina Abramovic en Christina de Chatel samen in het van Gogh museum in Amsterdam: als dat maar goed gaat!

Foto uit Gradual and persistent loss of control van Christina de Châtel

De internationaal gevierde pianiste Tomoko Mukaiyama maakt speciaal voor de dansvoorstelling die te zien is op vrijdagavond en zondagmiddag een ‘pianomie’ van vierhonderd jaar pianoliteratuur met onder meer werk van Lully, Bach, Beethoven, hedendaags repertoire en improvisatie: een bundeling van uiteenlopende emoties, ook dat nog!