Platforms Project 2018 – day 4

May 20, 2018

After a walk in the park I joined Platforms Project again to finish our project. On this day a lot of performances took place of which I missed some, but I think I caught the most of it. Here’s an account of the last day:


The park near Syntagma was beautiful with the purple flowers falling

All of a sudden I was pointed at the Republic of Banania that was cutting a litttle book of mine to have a passport photo. Now someone is having a passport with a painting of Ezra Pound!

Across, around the corner someone installed this piece at the 24 hours project

This also is a nice casual intallation at Ormston House, from Ireland

From Canada AKA & UAS presented Walter Scott with great contemporary drawing.

Of course Guillaume Krick was present again, his platform Bureau d’Art et de Recherche presented his 3D work and that of Clara Juliane Glauert. Here Guillaume performs inspired by his sculpture!

The great Linda Weiss shows her work with Scotty from Berlin

And of course our friends from the Bcademie had their ways of making fun again, they organized a lottery: for € 2,- one could buy one of the obects on the floor. If it had a sticker on the back, you could take your pick…

out of these art works. I tried several times but was not lucky, though I would have liked very much to pick…

this V&B-piece,

This tongue in cheek work by Daan den Houter

or this great drawing by Lisa Blauwbroek

One of these by Tjalling Mulder would have been nice too, but alas….

Our friends of the Milena Project were present again

with this Utopia-project

and this example of “Belgicisme” that I liked a lot: pins sticking in the sleeves, letters as an invitation to shake hands by reading…

In the end I completed the Athens Diary, which makes for a fine set of drawings

The public wouldn’t stop gluing

And still some performances were due, here three ladies entered singing orthodox song while a performer creeped to the exit in sheets

like a snail trying to get out…

After Hours: I forgot to take a picture of the great piece of Gianin Conrad at Diensgebäude, probably because we saw it all the time

And I liked it every time!

Of Course Rosa Lux was also present with work by Tony Domingos

And this project was also worth wile: Danae Stratou at Vital Space created this beautiful site-specific installation of which documentation was presented.

The Milena Project showed this last minute performance by this classical dancer

Next to us was an installation by Angela Brisnovali at LaLa Artgroup from Greece that I liked more and more

Especially this work on paper

And finally our last collage was taken off the wall

And put into the pool

After which everything was displayed

The day and Platforms Project 2018 ended in music and dance, next morning early I would return home!

Platforms Project



Fresco e Fruttato

9 september 2017

Naar aanleiding van de Uitdagen Rotterdam werd de B-cademie uitgenodigd een tentoonstelling te maken om ook beeldende kunst in het festival vertegenwoordigd te laten zijn. Daartoe werd een grote betonnen ruimte aangeboden waar heel veel te zien zou kunnen zijn, maar te elfder uren werd dat veranderd in een veel kleiner chique winkelpand aan de Kruiskade, tegenover Oger (waar ook onze MP zijn pakken van betrekt). Dit pand was een betrekkelijk goede ruimte om de kunst die was aangemeld te herbergen. Anique Weve en Lisa Blaauwbroek, die respectievelijk als curator en als productieassistent de tentoonstelling manageden hebben een wonder verricht met het inrichten van de tentoonstelling waardoor een levendig geheel nog steeds te bezoeken is tot zondagavond 18.00 u. Uitgenodigd werden alumni en begeleiders van de Bcademie. Bij deze een indruk:

Affiche: Anique Weve

Hilde Onis: You’ve grown so much – 2017

Mariëlle Buitendijk: vlnr Palet – 2017 en Secundaire kleuren – 2017

Rowanne Settels: Vuurtorentje van vier kanten bekeken – 2017

Daan den Houter: Een drankje voor de opening, een shot Vodka-jelly!

Fleur van Geenhuizen: Morph- 2017

Charlotte Ursem: Domesticity

Tessa Biemans: Z.T. – 2017

Sander Reijgers: Z.T. – 2016

Phed Flip: Ancient Tupperware: – 2017

Gilbert van Drunen: Z.T. – 2017

Marjolein de Wit: Z.T. – 2016

Lisa Blauwbroek: beiden – Z.T. – 2017

Phed Flip: Marshmellow Table – 2017

Links – Jeroen Vrijsssen: Anomalie – 2016, rechts – Niels Post:On Spam, Comment Spam # 32 – 2017

Kees Koomen: Z.T. (E Pluribus Unum) – 2017


V&B: Z.T. – 2017

Entree tentoonstellingsruimte

Daan den Houter installeert zijn Ice-painting #6 – 2017


Vervolgens neemt hij het woord om de bezoekers welkom te heten

Waarna curator Anique Weve het overneemt

In de loop van de avond voert Marjolein Rijks een performance uit in de “Momentum”-serie

Na een kritische blik is het goed

In de loop van de avond smelt het ijs-schilderij steeds verder, vergankelijkheid in de kunst!

Maar het werk van Marjoleini Rijks woekert nog steeds door!

Fresco e Fruttato

En trendbeheer was er ook!