#3: Athens – Platforms Project 2017

May 21, 2017

This sunday was to be the longest day of the Fair: from 12.00 untill 23.00 h. Unfortunately it was also a day that some religious nameday was celebrated and that  important sportsevents took place. It was very quiet at the fair and it felt desencouraging to have so little people coming by, but everybody made the best of it. I visited some booths that I didn’t see yet as you can see here:

On the way to the Platforms we run into a Documenta project: Rasheed Araeen: Food for Thought: Thought for change – 2017 In this location refugees can have free meals every day. There’s a kitchen in the middle and  there are terraces all around.

The design is very efficiënt: recognisable from afar

Arriving at the Platforms the KRAATZ-artists appear to have liven up to their promise: the booth changes, here with added posters by Stéphan Guénau

Marian Wijnvoord and Isolde Nagel are stil in doubt about one wall

But this A-Trans wall is well done

Alexander Peev at Dadada Academy

Klitsa Antoniou: But at the End the Light was Shed on us and it got us to the shore – 2016.  A horrible video with a girl that tells about loving her father and how she likes to help him put shrapnel in bombs and how they flee to the west where she gets to know other children of her age

En Flo: Project Xouthou Street – a door from a house in the centre of Athens you can go through

after which you can write down what it brings about in you. Left under is my comment.

Extra Muros from Nantes was good again: they had subtle ceramic works by Cat Fenwick

It’s all about equilibrium

Guillaume Krick showed a very non-commercial installation with an old French flag

And Romain Rambaud was his usual elegant self with these sculptures

That I rather like

Diensgebäude is also present with work from Andreas Martí

and Chloe Cheuk

Elisabeth Wheeler

This work at Harrington Mills Studios was nice

I like the materiality of it

A sneak peak at the new unnoticed art exhibit featuring a small work by yours truly

Haïtian art at Kallio Kunsthalle, cut from car tires

Petri Saariko, the curator did well himself too

In the mean while our publicity was great: Ellen Rodenberg’s picture of her Malieveld piece was in a large national newspaper in an article about Platforms project

And I was interviewed by George Oreopoulos for Beton7 Art Radio (my favourite radiostation)

Our Dutch Globalist Willem Jan Smit made a round through the neighbourhood, created a sculpture

And projected it’s shadow on the wall by means of the dust he took off it

And of course some materials he used

One more view at Lo and Behold in the cellar

With work by Linda Weiss

Ed’s Video from Canada had surprisingly analogue art with him this time

End we ended up nearby in a restaurant during a blazing thunderstorm

Nico Parlevliet from Unnoticed Art joined us from Holland and everybody sang for me after midnight because of my birthday!

Platforms Project 2017

Art Athína 2015- The Fair

7 juni 2015

The last day of the fair, lines in front of the Taekwondo hall all day and an unending stream of visitors visiting our booth. Our work has been received well, lots of flags of Maarten have been taken along and reactions were great! We have to thank Artemis Potamianou and her Platforms crew for a great week and EX-MÊKH hopes to be back next time. In this post you will find some interesting art from the main floor to finish  the report on Art Athena 2015.


There is some very accomplished painting to be found in Greece, I like these canvases by Kostis Georgiou.


Martin Creed has been very active in Greece during his residency. The portraits of wll known Greeks make me think of Dutch painter Emo Verkerk @ Kappatos Gallery


Marina Abramovic wants you to put your head against the Quartz @ Kappatos Gallery


Pericles Goulakos, work on paper @ Ekfrasi Yianna Grammatopoulou


Dimitris Tataris


A collection of Photographs @ Mulier Mulier Gallery


Guy van Bossche @ Mulier Mulier Gallery


Maria Ikonomopoulou @ Mulier Mulier Gallery


Maria Ikonomopoulou @ Mulier Mulier Gallery


Tadashi Kawamata @ Mulier Mulier Gallery


Art & Language @ Mulier Mulier Gallery


Klitsa Antonionou @ The Collection Gallery


Klitsa Antonionou @ The Collection Gallery


Lieke Snellen @ Joey Ramone


Lieke Snellen @ Joey Ramone


Tudor Matu @ Joey Ramone


Wietse Eeken @ Joey Ramone


Gerwin Luijendijk @ Joey Ramone


Jan van der Ploeg and Adrian Esparza @ Taubert Contemprorary


Nana Sachini @ A. Antonopoulou. art


Alexis Psychoulis @ A. Antonopoulou. art


Naomi Middelman @ UFO-Fabrik


At 18.00 h. the winner of the THMHF- Award at The Tupajumi Foundation will be announced. Internet votes are beïng counted


and the votes from the fair have to be checked once more!


One last vote is added


And the winner is: Alicia Eggert with “Now”


And this, of course, calls for drinks


A last walk along the beach at night and we’re off to Holland again

Art Athina 2015