Platforms Project 2022

15 oktober 2022

Het is duidelijk dat de kunstwereld een internationale tombola is geworden. Buitenlandse kunstenaars tonen werk bij Griekse instellingen en bij buitenlandse instellingen exposeren kunstenaars die uit een ander land komen. Zo waren er ook twee Nederlandse platforms uit Heerlen en Amsterdam, gedoteerd door het Mondriaan fonds, die met internationale kunstenaars werken en voor mij totaal onbekend zijn. Het neemt niet weg dat het geheel van de beurs een veelkleurig gebeuren is dat langzaam uit zijn voegen knalt. Zeker als de ideeën over uitbreiding van ruimte en disciplines werkelijkheid gaan worden. Een trend is de hoeveelheid textiel en borduurwerk. Bij deze een uitgebreider overzicht van het getoonde:

Metafrastes: Pandora’s Box
Bij Autobiografical Systems: Sofia Damala – Relief Blanket
En daar ook Eleni Zouni: Relocation – Ways
Bij Binary Art Group misstanden bij Nicosia
Bij Dipola: Irini Zenonos – Found
Bij Pow Wow: Voula Varentinou
Bij Antennes Art Collective een mooie Griekse presentatie met O.a. Maria Ikonomoupoulou (helaas, foto mislukte…), maar ook borduurwerk van Angeliki Duveri
En mooie kleine sculptuurtjes van Niamh Schmidtke
Athens Street Festival met straatkunst en deze gave koppen van MJ Tom of Los Otros
Bij Art Code Costas Vitis met Eye Eat Me 1 en 2
De gebruikelijke kunstenaarsverenigingen zijn ook weer aanwezig, hier met Orizontas Gegonoton
En het project van En Flo
Bij het Zwitserse La Scala Trun twee oude bekenden uit Roubaix: hier Romain Rambaud
En hier ingehouden werk van Guillaume Krick
Ed Video uit Canada heeft een een jong hip stel kunstenaars mee genomen met een aansprekende stand
In New York heerst ongenoegen getuige deze anonieme werken bij Mnky Biz Group.
Ook Linda Weiss was weer present, dit keer bij Berliner Pool
Gedegen schilderwerk bij HMS uit Nottingham
en deze van Jackie Berridge
Ook borduurwerk bij Sans Titre uit Tourcoing
Zelfportretten van Vladimir Combre de Sena bij Eulengasse
Het jubilerende ID:I gallery uit Stockholm heeft een bescheiden, maar sterke presentatie van Gitte Eidslott
en Moa Gustafsson
die goed combineren
Bij Scotty uit Berlijn video’s
En ook Alessandra Falbo bracht met Darling Pearls weer een fraai boeket, zoals dit borduurwerk
En deze activistische foto’s
met ook wel wat humor
Nog meer mooi borduurwerk van Alison Whitmore bij JAW
met mooie portretjes
het Bureau d’Art et de Recherche Roubaix brengt dit werk
AMV in Canada voelt zich met ons verwant, dit zou Hollands kunnen zijn
Vincent Hinse, het doet aan Ger van Elk denken
En deze ook
Uit Tel Aviv mooi werk bij Personal Identity
Bij Eulengasse Stephan Wittmer met House, Clouds and… (series 2: The Ranch) – 2022
Bij AFAC Arts Carlotta Schiavio: Bukibatubi
en John Ensor Parker: For Every Action a Reaction
Supercluster met de onvermoeibare Geert Vermeire vormt een netwerk
met internationale deelnemers die online actie voeren
En tot slot van de verontrustende film Firefly
Van Victoria Rance bij Cable Depot

Platforms Project 2022

Platforms Project 2018 – day 4

May 20, 2018

After a walk in the park I joined Platforms Project again to finish our project. On this day a lot of performances took place of which I missed some, but I think I caught the most of it. Here’s an account of the last day:


The park near Syntagma was beautiful with the purple flowers falling

All of a sudden I was pointed at the Republic of Banania that was cutting a litttle book of mine to have a passport photo. Now someone is having a passport with a painting of Ezra Pound!

Across, around the corner someone installed this piece at the 24 hours project

This also is a nice casual intallation at Ormston House, from Ireland

From Canada AKA & UAS presented Walter Scott with great contemporary drawing.

Of course Guillaume Krick was present again, his platform Bureau d’Art et de Recherche presented his 3D work and that of Clara Juliane Glauert. Here Guillaume performs inspired by his sculpture!

The great Linda Weiss shows her work with Scotty from Berlin

And of course our friends from the Bcademie had their ways of making fun again, they organized a lottery: for € 2,- one could buy one of the obects on the floor. If it had a sticker on the back, you could take your pick…

out of these art works. I tried several times but was not lucky, though I would have liked very much to pick…

this V&B-piece,

This tongue in cheek work by Daan den Houter

or this great drawing by Lisa Blauwbroek

One of these by Tjalling Mulder would have been nice too, but alas….

Our friends of the Milena Project were present again

with this Utopia-project

and this example of “Belgicisme” that I liked a lot: pins sticking in the sleeves, letters as an invitation to shake hands by reading…

In the end I completed the Athens Diary, which makes for a fine set of drawings

The public wouldn’t stop gluing

And still some performances were due, here three ladies entered singing orthodox song while a performer creeped to the exit in sheets

like a snail trying to get out…

After Hours: I forgot to take a picture of the great piece of Gianin Conrad at Diensgebäude, probably because we saw it all the time

And I liked it every time!

Of Course Rosa Lux was also present with work by Tony Domingos

And this project was also worth wile: Danae Stratou at Vital Space created this beautiful site-specific installation of which documentation was presented.

The Milena Project showed this last minute performance by this classical dancer

Next to us was an installation by Angela Brisnovali at LaLa Artgroup from Greece that I liked more and more

Especially this work on paper

And finally our last collage was taken off the wall

And put into the pool

After which everything was displayed

The day and Platforms Project 2018 ended in music and dance, next morning early I would return home!

Platforms Project


#3: Athens – Platforms Project 2017

May 21, 2017

This sunday was to be the longest day of the Fair: from 12.00 untill 23.00 h. Unfortunately it was also a day that some religious nameday was celebrated and that  important sportsevents took place. It was very quiet at the fair and it felt desencouraging to have so little people coming by, but everybody made the best of it. I visited some booths that I didn’t see yet as you can see here:

On the way to the Platforms we run into a Documenta project: Rasheed Araeen: Food for Thought: Thought for change – 2017 In this location refugees can have free meals every day. There’s a kitchen in the middle and  there are terraces all around.

The design is very efficiënt: recognisable from afar

Arriving at the Platforms the KRAATZ-artists appear to have liven up to their promise: the booth changes, here with added posters by Stéphan Guénau

Marian Wijnvoord and Isolde Nagel are stil in doubt about one wall

But this A-Trans wall is well done

Alexander Peev at Dadada Academy

Klitsa Antoniou: But at the End the Light was Shed on us and it got us to the shore – 2016.  A horrible video with a girl that tells about loving her father and how she likes to help him put shrapnel in bombs and how they flee to the west where she gets to know other children of her age

En Flo: Project Xouthou Street – a door from a house in the centre of Athens you can go through

after which you can write down what it brings about in you. Left under is my comment.

Extra Muros from Nantes was good again: they had subtle ceramic works by Cat Fenwick

It’s all about equilibrium

Guillaume Krick showed a very non-commercial installation with an old French flag

And Romain Rambaud was his usual elegant self with these sculptures

That I rather like

Diensgebäude is also present with work from Andreas Martí

and Chloe Cheuk

Elisabeth Wheeler

This work at Harrington Mills Studios was nice

I like the materiality of it

A sneak peak at the new unnoticed art exhibit featuring a small work by yours truly

Haïtian art at Kallio Kunsthalle, cut from car tires

Petri Saariko, the curator did well himself too

In the mean while our publicity was great: Ellen Rodenberg’s picture of her Malieveld piece was in a large national newspaper in an article about Platforms project

And I was interviewed by George Oreopoulos for Beton7 Art Radio (my favourite radiostation)

Our Dutch Globalist Willem Jan Smit made a round through the neighbourhood, created a sculpture

And projected it’s shadow on the wall by means of the dust he took off it

And of course some materials he used

One more view at Lo and Behold in the cellar

With work by Linda Weiss

Ed’s Video from Canada had surprisingly analogue art with him this time

End we ended up nearby in a restaurant during a blazing thunderstorm

Nico Parlevliet from Unnoticed Art joined us from Holland and everybody sang for me after midnight because of my birthday!

Platforms Project 2017