Neue Nationalgalerie

12 december 2014

In de Neue Nationalgalerie vinden diverse tentoonstellingen plaats. Bij binnenkomst rechts in het souterrain is een ruimte waar delen uit de collectie van Ulla en Heiner Pietzsch getoond wordt. Deze collectie is aan de Neue Nationalgalerie aangeboden als schenking mits een representatief deel van deze collectie continu wordt getoond in samenhang met de vaste collectie van dit museum. Het probleem is dat dit museum nu al veel te klein is voor de eigen collectie, het zou op zijn minst drie keer het huidige vloeroppervlak ter beschikking moeten hebben om een waar museum van de twintigste eeuwse kunst te kunnen zijn. Om deze reden wordt nu aan fondsenwerving gedaan met steeds een deel van de collectie Pietzsch en een deel van het werk uit de museumcollectie. Einde van dit jaar sluit het museum voor een renovatie en en sanering. Wellicht is datook een mooi moment voor nieuwbouw waarin de idealen waargemaakt kunnen worden. De regionale overheid heeft al voorstellen in die richting gedaan. De indrukwekkende verzameling verdient het zoal u hier kunt zien. Eerst uit de verzameling Pietzsch:


Frida Kahlo: Zelfportret


Joan Miró


Max Ernst: Jeune homme intrigué par le vol d’une mouche non-euclidienne

Vervolgens kom je in het gedeelte met een collectietentoonstelling, de derde achtereenvolgende die de naam Ausweitung der Kampfzone 1968 – 2000 draagt, naar Houellebecq. Een indrukwekkend maar enigszins onsamenhangend geheel waarin o.a. het levensgevoel in Duitsland in de jaren zeventig en tachtig mooi in tot uiting komt.


Sophie Calle: The detachment


Sophie Calle: The detachment


Jake and Dinos Chapman: My giant colouring book


Sigmar Polke: Manöverschaden


Brusce Nauman: Indoor-Outdoor Seating Arrangement


Georg herold: Ohne Titel


Bernd und Anna Blume: Atelier


Bernd und Anna Blume: Küchenkoller


Neo Rauch: Der Auftrag


Carolee Schneemann: Up to and into her limits


Carolee Schneemann: Up to and into her limits


Carolee Schneemann: Up to and into her limits


Anselm Kiefer: Maikäfer Fleig

En om de kerstsfeer nog enigszins recht te doen is in de grote hal boven de tentoonstellingsruimten een grote installatie van  de Britse architect  David Chipperfield geplaatst, bijna Teutoonser dan de Teunonen.


David Chipperfield: Sticks and Stones

Neue Nationalgalerie


EX-MÊKH@ Platforms Project – Art Athina day 2

12 mei 2014

In the Gennadius library in Athens, an institute for research linked to the American School of Classical Studies, the general public is usually kept out. Now however everybody is welcome to visit an international exhibition which is organized on its premises and in the library, well known artists show their work under the name “A Thousand Doors”. This exhibition has been organized by NEON, a foundation which was started by the wealthy collector D. Daskopoulos to show and stimulate contemporary art in Greece. For this occasion Neon involved The Whitechapel Art Gallery in the show which can be recognized somewhat in the artists that are being shown. The exhibition has wonderfully succeeded in showing how art can form a means to take the spectator to another time and to another world. In this respect the library is an appropriate context, because books also have exactly the quality the exhibition tries to achieve. This is not the only aspect that makes this location perfect for the exhibition: the library houses in a beautiful neo-classistic building surrounded by a magnificent garden. Both the house and the garden were used for the exhibition and some of the artists seem to have made their work especially for this spot. A must see when in Athens!


Front: Francis Upritchard, back: Daniel Silver – Freud applied to Greek philosophers



In the studyroom of the library we can see a beautiful piece of Georg Herold: texts from poetry in different languages on a wooden construction one can see when one looks up.




And this is what the complete work looks like in the space


Matthew Barney also makes books


as does Isa Genzken, this is a fancy publication from Germany


Mark Manders also feels at home here


Pavel Büchler practices German Philosophy in Greece


Christian Boltanski practices personal archeology, he shows the contents of a box from his archive


with catalogues, texts etc.




John Latham petrifies books


Edward Ellington standardises forms in his books


A collection of autographs by Shuruq Harb


Here you can see the Georg Herold piece from above


Michael Deans work seems a bit sick


but he really has a sense of humor


Here also something readable has been used, I can not find the name of the artist anymore


Meric Algün Ringborg created a library of books that have never been lent


Nina Fisher and Meroan el Sani made a video in the Bibliotheque National in Paris after the books had been moved to a new library


Ah, I remember, this is made by Paky Vlassopoulou


Outside around the building we first see the books made of filo-dough by Nikos Navridis


the placing of which was wel thought about by the way


Iannis Kounellis could not be missed in this context


Juan Muñoz certainly feels at home on this patio


As does Giuseppe Penone in the garden


Whose bark turned inside out has been guilded on the inside (but actually really on the outside if you can follow)



Silver placed his work in several spots


with homemade classical sculpture in a variety of materials


And finishing off the Argentino Adrián Villar Rojas shows us the future















Everyday, at a quarter before closing time, a soundwork of Kostas Ioannidis can be heard. A magical symphony of birds sounds from the speakers to discuss with the birds present in the garden. Ioannidis  is known for this kind of  wonderful interventions. In Rotterdam he was invited by “Het Wilde Weten” for which occasion he had nightingales sound in the water of the van Mannenstreet. An experience for who accidentally dove into the water.


Ioannides work at 19.45h

One of the youngest artists to contribute to the exhibition and also one of the most interesting ones is Valentina Karga. Five days a week she is present to invite visitors to make a walk in the garden and to think about information, knowledge, education and the meaning of this in our times. At the end of the walk an account of what has been talked about is worked out on a typewriter in two copies which are signed. The collection of the “Exercises in Walking and Talking” will be taken in the Gennadeios Library after the exhibiton.

karga 2

Valentina Karga talking with visitors



karga 1

Valentina Karga at the acoounts of her discussions

Een bericht van Maria Ikonomoupoulou en chmkoome

The Gennadius Library