Platforms Project 2022

15 oktober 2022

Het is duidelijk dat de kunstwereld een internationale tombola is geworden. Buitenlandse kunstenaars tonen werk bij Griekse instellingen en bij buitenlandse instellingen exposeren kunstenaars die uit een ander land komen. Zo waren er ook twee Nederlandse platforms uit Heerlen en Amsterdam, gedoteerd door het Mondriaan fonds, die met internationale kunstenaars werken en voor mij totaal onbekend zijn. Het neemt niet weg dat het geheel van de beurs een veelkleurig gebeuren is dat langzaam uit zijn voegen knalt. Zeker als de ideeën over uitbreiding van ruimte en disciplines werkelijkheid gaan worden. Een trend is de hoeveelheid textiel en borduurwerk. Bij deze een uitgebreider overzicht van het getoonde:

Metafrastes: Pandora’s Box
Bij Autobiografical Systems: Sofia Damala – Relief Blanket
En daar ook Eleni Zouni: Relocation – Ways
Bij Binary Art Group misstanden bij Nicosia
Bij Dipola: Irini Zenonos – Found
Bij Pow Wow: Voula Varentinou
Bij Antennes Art Collective een mooie Griekse presentatie met O.a. Maria Ikonomoupoulou (helaas, foto mislukte…), maar ook borduurwerk van Angeliki Duveri
En mooie kleine sculptuurtjes van Niamh Schmidtke
Athens Street Festival met straatkunst en deze gave koppen van MJ Tom of Los Otros
Bij Art Code Costas Vitis met Eye Eat Me 1 en 2
De gebruikelijke kunstenaarsverenigingen zijn ook weer aanwezig, hier met Orizontas Gegonoton
En het project van En Flo
Bij het Zwitserse La Scala Trun twee oude bekenden uit Roubaix: hier Romain Rambaud
En hier ingehouden werk van Guillaume Krick
Ed Video uit Canada heeft een een jong hip stel kunstenaars mee genomen met een aansprekende stand
In New York heerst ongenoegen getuige deze anonieme werken bij Mnky Biz Group.
Ook Linda Weiss was weer present, dit keer bij Berliner Pool
Gedegen schilderwerk bij HMS uit Nottingham
en deze van Jackie Berridge
Ook borduurwerk bij Sans Titre uit Tourcoing
Zelfportretten van Vladimir Combre de Sena bij Eulengasse
Het jubilerende ID:I gallery uit Stockholm heeft een bescheiden, maar sterke presentatie van Gitte Eidslott
en Moa Gustafsson
die goed combineren
Bij Scotty uit Berlijn video’s
En ook Alessandra Falbo bracht met Darling Pearls weer een fraai boeket, zoals dit borduurwerk
En deze activistische foto’s
met ook wel wat humor
Nog meer mooi borduurwerk van Alison Whitmore bij JAW
met mooie portretjes
het Bureau d’Art et de Recherche Roubaix brengt dit werk
AMV in Canada voelt zich met ons verwant, dit zou Hollands kunnen zijn
Vincent Hinse, het doet aan Ger van Elk denken
En deze ook
Uit Tel Aviv mooi werk bij Personal Identity
Bij Eulengasse Stephan Wittmer met House, Clouds and… (series 2: The Ranch) – 2022
Bij AFAC Arts Carlotta Schiavio: Bukibatubi
en John Ensor Parker: For Every Action a Reaction
Supercluster met de onvermoeibare Geert Vermeire vormt een netwerk
met internationale deelnemers die online actie voeren
En tot slot van de verontrustende film Firefly
Van Victoria Rance bij Cable Depot

Platforms Project 2022

Platforms Project 2019 – The Fair

17 mei 2019

KOPEKT (Corect) is a group that shows an attitude sooner than artworks. I could find myself right away in this referential amalgam.

Drawings from the taverna where they meet

And the drawings are not bad at all!

At Daily Temporary from Sweden I was asked to participate in a performance by Leticia Maria from Palma.

I was the surface for a projection of the art-cake that was made by visitors

The visitors got an apron and started to get creative on the cake which was projected on my belly…


Political art by studio Asynchrome at Kunsthalle Graz

Nice work by the Greek-Rotterdam artist Maria Ikonomopoulou at Vita Zita Studio

Various Artists from Bruxelles (B) showed a fantastic project in which they have the audience make their own artwork

The result is always minimalistic and beautiful. This is “Pocketwork” -Carbon on paper worn in the pocket for two or three months.

Orphaned Images: Video-cakes by The museum of Forgetting

Topp and Dubio from Den Haag participated with an intricate installation about a sign in a shop they encountered.

The details are pretty hilarious as often

Another platform from Den Haag is Elders with Paintings by Lucius Pax and Liesbeth Bos, ceramics by Corine Barendregt and photographic work by Liesbeth van Woerden.

Corine Barendregt shows abstract Ceramics, created by pressing clay in the structures she finds on the street.

Liesbeth van Woerden adds 3D elements to her minimalistic photographs

Lucius Pax shows a series of Paintings with urban portraits

From the UK:  H-M-S with numerous artists

Ed’s video from Guelph in Canada shows an installation by Jérôme Havre based on Plato’s cave

A Hero from my youth: The Silver Surfer in mosaïc- technique in Transform Art Platform from Beograd by Milan Cuk

The Bureau d’art et de recherche Roubaix with works on paper by Guilaume Krick and sculpture by Clara Juliane Glauert

A-Trans from Berlin shows beautiful works by Concha Argüeso from Spain

Which is clear when you get closer, the artist writes and paints on the back of the paper with wax

Other minimalistic works like this ensemble also look strong

Lucia Bricco showed the stage for her performances at Sub Rosa Space from Athens

Kunsthalle Kleinbasel shows vulva’s by Nina Herrmann under the name Where are you from?

I think I prefer these

Galleria Rajatila from Tampere in Finland shows these little pieces that I like.

Heidi Lincke’s work at Scotty from Berlin is great, but making pictures in this light is difficult. The rapper worked with Kendrick Lamar

These drawings at Scotty are also great: Magnetfelder by Zuzanna Skiba

ID:I Gallery from Stockholm uses textwork, though Alexander Mood seems to be sleeping on the side it is an interesting installation

I Always like the beautiful small collages by Sandra Gea. Here she seems to broaden her perspective

Very subtle works!

This light and airy installation was a nice surprise from Backspace in Athens, done by artists group Bo.Ba (Katarina Botsari and Eleanna Balesi)

Great Urban Photography from the AC-Institute in New york

The Bcademie, a post academic course in Rotterdam, was also present with the old Dutch game of pulling strings and win an Artwork

Amongst which this SD-card on which the whereabouts of a buried artwork is indicated, by Lucas van Eeden

This is done by Kimon Kirligitsis and it has soon disappeared

This is by the same artist, it did not take long for this one to be chosen by a winner.

The Alpineum Produzentegalerie shows great painting by Reto Leuthold

This drawing was shown at Pow Wow: Coming in Waves by Katerina Papazissi

The beautiful presentation of IS-Projects shows American abstractionists from NewYork

Like Jacob Cartwright

And Patricia Zarate

At Und. the work of Vasilis Bótoulas stood out. It was an interesting stand of a cultural site that issues maps of cultural spaces in Athens and has an interesting blog. Check

It’s al about La Divina Comedia with beautifully ingraved metal circles,by Niki Zachari

Left Sub Rosa Space with Lucia Bricco’s installation and on the right EX-MÊKH’s installation

And back at Und. this nice textpiece by Kiriakos Spirou

In the evening Lucia Bricco continued her performance “The morning, The morning, the morning by entering with a blanket with technical toys in a blanket that she carried like a baby. She then let it all fall on teh ground, wound the toys around her head as you can see here

Ant sat down, waiting.

A bigger machine came at her, trying to get pieces of the ground

She put toys under her shirt, let them fall again and then had another coffee

And EX-MÊKH was talking again, with colleagues, with student, with visitors…


Platforms Project 2019


Platform Project & Art Athina 2016

May 27, 2016

In spite of the crisis atmosphere in Athens and the refugee-problems that haunt the country the Athens artfair took place again this year. The Taekwondo Stadium had been occupied with refugees in winter during heavy rains which resulted in a lot of problems.  Nevertheless, the fair continued but the big galleries in Greece didn’t show up and the galleries that did show up were very conservative in their choice of artists. The Platform Project on the other hand was very interesting this year. It is always worth to visit but now the side show for non-commercial art platforms showed great art and awareness of the human and the political situation which in some cases led to  moving art works.


Look at the fair from the platforms


Derek Liddington at 8Eleven, a very interesting sculptor. these are studies after an Elsworth Kelly drawing


This video was shot by Liddington, having four actors making a pillar of clay and creating a tension between disciplines



This was an ongoing performance in 8eleven in which a dancer would reenact the choreography “Ode” which was executed by les Ballets Russes in 1913. The floor on which the dancer moved was a square meter of clay


I found this work very moving: in an inter-active work, Navine Khan Dossos tries to paint the 2000 people that have sought refuge in the Taekwondo Stadium last winter. Visitors and colleagues are invited to contribute as the artist will continue to paint until the end of the fair.


This beautiful Painting has been made by an icon-painter for Kallio Kunsthalle (FI), following the text that Petri Saariko had prepared.


Andreas Martí installed this drawing installation at Dienstgebäude


It is continuing to draw during the fair


This wall sculpture of Bettina Diel could also be seen at Diensgebäude


From Nantes (FR) came Extra Muros in which these wall sculptures by Romain Rimbaud were shown


Interesting painting at Foss (GR)


A short visit to the real fair: here a photograph by Sarah Lucas


Nice political drawings by Tasos Pavlopoulos


Collage by Maria Ikonomoupoulou


who also made beautiful embroideries on newspaper, shown at Mulier Mulier


Where also work of the painter Guy van Bossche was shown


I rather liked these collages because of the use of material. made by Nikos Varitymiadis


Taubert Contemporary showed an artist with over-all design: Lars Arrhenius


Curator of Platform Projects, the wonderful Artemis Potamianou, an artist also, showed at the floor of the fair


Kallio Kunsthalle showed performance “about the self-determination of women”


At MUU (F) the performance artist Helinä Hukkataival showed a very sensitive performance


resulting in a beautiful series of personae



From the Netherlands came Bcademie, a post-graduate training for artists (after A you have to say B). Here initiators Alex Jacobs and Daan den Houter talk with their students, of which six were doïng performances durig the fair. One for a Euro!


The students found props in Athens and used those to arrange their space


They proved quite popular, here Elsemarijn Bruijs working on chewing gum


The shift was together with Philippa Driest


Who showed pictures of urban places accompanied by sounds of airplanes


AKA artist run from Saskatchewanm, Canada with sculpture of Svea Ferguson


Super 8 video by Leslie Supnet


and Lori Blondeau who researches diverse persona’s


The Lo and Behold (GR) wants to fertilise the soil in “Bureau of Soil making” by Yiannis Hiridoglou


From Boston (USA) the Museum of Contemporary Cuts with heavy conceptual work with a direct approach


Which works rather good I think


Then an installation of Amiraly from Parking Gallery/New media Society from Iran, a presentation which is well worked out


Cut the Fence, a project of Copa & Sordes: the 657 meter long fence of a Swiss refugee camp is transformed in to the same length of African damask fabric with fence pattern: everybody who cuts a piece of it contributes to the destruction of the fence


Groupshow at SCI (UK) with very nice works, some fresh from the boats coming to Greece


Ed video: always interesting video-stuff, here by Iris Fraser and David Hanes


Foreign Affairs, A beautiful collaboration by Bella Easton, Tiny Dominguez and Julia Riddlough of resp. Beaston projects, Rosa Lux and A Brooks Art


The beauty of statistics, by Tiny Dominguez


In the mean while the Capacity-project of Navine Khan Dossos is a large succes



The refugee-camp is turning in a large field of flowers!


At A-Trans beautiful work on paper by Marian Wijnvoord


Who also burns down the Netherlands in her Photo-collages


The line in Andreas Martí’s installation is lengthening


Bcademy’s students don’t stop performing, here Maud van den Beuken moves sand


from stage to visitor


and Casper Braat plans a make-over for your humble reporter


Various Artists from Belgium, a research in shit which Belgians find interesting in general


Trying to find the pearls which are being digested by test-persons


And also the deterioration of Bonsai-trees under water is a process that results in esthetic pleasures under the name Agua con Gaz


The very big collective EN-FLO (GR) installed suit-cases with fillings


And then there is the very interesting Milena Principle, showing projects that relate to our own activities. Action in public space about silence and slowness.


In Venice


And Athens, we will hear more from them!


Last but certainly not least Kunstenaarsinitiatief Elders from Den Haag (NL), here an expanding painting by Lucius Pax


Painting by Liesbeth Bosch


And surprising ceramics by Corine Barendregt

Art Athina 2016

EX-MÊKH@ Platforms Project – Art Athina day 5: Platforms Project

15 mei 2014

In the course of this opening day I took a look at our fellow Platforms-exhibitors to see what might be interesting, these are some of the spaces/initiatives/collectives that I liked:


Marian Wijnvoord @ ATRANS from Berlin


Marian Wijnvoord @ ATRANS from Berlin


REM Brand Name project/Vehicle team a very active and succesful group of beautiful Greek girls doïng lottery


Totaldobze is our neighbour from Latvia, it is an art-centre that wants to be a platform for a number of disciplines to meet and expand borders


I loved this drawing for their Black Holes project


Explosion of Speech is a growing project for everybody to participate in a poem with burning questions


Les YperYper have a very effective way of using material


Parabola from Stockholm


Cowgirls in video and pictures at Microwesten from Germany


Jeroen Geel and Christian Herter at Alpineum Produzentengallery from Luzern


Christian Herter closeby



The muy sympatico booth had been covered with psychedelic wallpaper and this artist was great: Steph Yates at ED Video from Guelph, Canada


SUDLAB from the south of Italy, a great wall, I am sorry i didn’t speak with these guys


A great installation from a great artist, Maria Lianou, who collaborated with somebody whose name I didn’t get in this installation. The neonsign says breathe.


ABC-gallery from Russia with a groupshow


ABC-gallery from Russia also


Mind on matters is an interactive project by Andrea Hvistendahl from Stockholm who lets the public in diferent countries exchange sticks and stones with messages on them


And the sticks tend to look like this


I thought Dienstgebäude from Zürich was an interesting space with artists like this Andreas Marti


And Dutch artist Wink Witholt


Photo gallery Wien shows worm castings by Lea Titz


And a Roumanian Berserik at Lateral Artspace from Roumania


Orizontas Gegonoton uit Griekenland maakte mooi gebruik van de ruimte met veel kunstenaars


VSVSVS from Canada had a beautiful interactive project in which they kept peoples stuff for some time in exchange for a 3D-print designed by them. The booth eventually filled itself with a social sculpture.


A number of organiziations presented themselves in the Platforms-section among which Fulbright Greece. The Fulbright fundingpossibilities are well known and nowadays they try to raise their budget by asking artist who were funded to make an artists edition of a work.


The editions are presented on the fair, a very nice and appropriate initiative which makes a win win situation for artists and the Fulbrightorganization.


A kids corner is also organized with the help of artists who created examples of what one can doe with a shopping bag, later lots of kids would be cutting, gluing and painting bags.


Platform Projects