De kentering

18 augustus 2022

Gert Scheerlinck

From Articulate Magazine: “Two coins on a piece of artisanal soap, placed on a cloth. The coins represent pennies that were placed on the eyes or under the tongue for payment of the ferryman’s ‘crossing money’ (ref. Charon’s obol). The soap, a symbol for ritual ablution (ref. Islam) is combined with a linnen cloth, a reference to the wrapping in a shroud (ref. Shroud of Turin). The work, banal as it may seem, was given several layers and can be approached in different ways. Scheerlinck combines elements from different religions and myths, and the materials used come from various parts of the world (ref. the soap is handmade in Africa). For Scheerlinck, ‘De Kentering’ means the ultimate turning point, the transition between existence and the continuation of it.”

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