#7: Athens – Platforms Project 2017 – Beton 7 Radio

May 26, 2017

Today is the last day of the Platforms Project. I had an option on my drawing which I sold definitely today. After 15.00 h we cleared out. We decided to visit the Acropolis and to have dinner in the Plaka, it seems obligatory for the ones who came in yesterday. After dinner we are invited at an opening at Beton 7 Radio, together with a Jazz concert by the Blue Note Trio: Jazz Archeology that is! It got to be a nice and relaxed day with another unexpected number of visitors at the fair.

The walk to the venue of Platforms Project is great, with a fantastic view from the hill behind it.

On the way you see a lot of Grafitti that I like

This is a great piece!

On the Spot Stéphan Guéneau and Louise Crawford are working on yet another piece

Which turned out really fine!

and a great poster on the side!

Marian Wijnvoord added a beautiful series of little landscapes

This is the drawing that I sold

Another walk took me upstairs to IFAC arts with this original appropriation

ALISN from Brasil with great music videos

and posters

Geeta Rooparine at Lubimirov/Angus Hughes

and a great teacher from England, St. Martin’s,  whose name I couldn’t find back, the drawings are wiped right after he fisnishes and he goes on forever!

Tiny Domingos is getting sentimental about clearing the booth

But EX-MÊKH is it’s usual self about it

KRAATZ is just continuïng to experiment, wonder when they left?

On the Acropolis the light was magnificent

The sun set behind the Parthenon, or the Erechteïon really

A beautiful evening

View on the Acropolis and the tower of the winds at night

Off to Beton 7 Art Radio which appeared to be a rather fashionable place

At Beton 7 Art Radio the show was worth while with work by Mathieu Valade who put well known art manifestos in a Star Wars context


Julie René de Cotret sew hats together, it looks technical all of a sudden, well, soft technics!

Artemis Potamianou is also an artist and this is her work

The stuff you gather,,,

The crowd was all over the place, like in the bar

Or in the concert by the Blue note Trio

Platforms Project

Beton 7 Art Radio

Art Athina 2015 – II

1 juni 2015

The first entire day in Athens was spend on touristic highlights, impossible to avoid, since our sculptor had never been to Greece before.


In modern cities art is everywhere


Athens has a very lively Grafitti-scene


Art in public space is very present like these appropriate shadows by Nikos Kasanlis in the Omonia subway station


Then the National Archeological museum again, I found the Kouros’ hand with the eye in it particularly intriguing


Kouros (detail)


Kore elegantly pulling her peplos while presenting something of which I’m not sure what it is


Beautiful simple grave stéle for Hediste, a woman from Athens


The Varvakeion Athena in theatrical light, the presentation in the Archeological Museum is very suggestive


Siren from the cemetary of Kerameikos in Athens. Lovers of symbolic art wil recognize something here.


These are antique Ex Voto’s, I didn’t know they existed this early. During an earlier visit I bought some metal ones from the 19th century on the market


Nexty to beautiful vases with an octopus painted on it this one with a tree is also very beautiful


My first visit to Athens took place on a self-organized “Bildungsreise” in 1975 during which I attended Gounod’s Opera Faust in this classical theatre, the Odeion, next to the Akropolis.


On the other side of the Akropolis was a baren rock on which people gathered to enjoy the view. It felt like an Antonioni movie.


On the way back we found another tunnel full of grafitti. Strangely the floor and the ceiling stayed untouched.


Some hotels accentuate their location with this kind of surreal accents

National Archeological Museum