17 december 2016


Aart Verheul: Malieveld

Kees Koomen: Exploration of the concept of walking – taking a walk around the Malieveld-space

When starting I notice that I am walking anti-clockwise which makes me wonder why.
A circus is beïng installed in the field, along my path I find camels and dutch cows instead of lions and tigers.
At the northern side of the field I notice a black man sitting on a bench, watching me. When I approach he takes his backpack and walks away in front of me. It seems to be a man from Somalia, a round head with short grey curls
The Utrechtse baan runs along this path. The road to the world, I remember hitchhiking on this spot to visit Documenta 7, Fuchs’ Documenta!
Later, turning from the west side I see the Moloch’s of Den Haag, not on a hill and no Tromp hotel but a Babylon hotel.