Opnieuw Château La Coste

27 juli 2017

Omdat vrienden van mij nieuwsgierig waren naar Château La Coste ben ik er nog een keer naar toe gegaan. We hadden nog niet alles gezien en die tentoonstelling van Tracy Emin, Surrounded by You, intrigeerde me wel. In een prachtige ruimte die in een aangepaste loods is haar werk te zien. Het is mooi dat daar nu ook solo’s van kunstenaars getoond gaan worden Bij deze nog een indruk van de verzameling en het werk van Emin.

De toegang van het werk van Andy Goldsworthy is op zich al monumentaal!

Ai Wei-Wei: Ruyi Path – 2017 Er worden constant nieuwe kunstwerken geïnstalleerd, zo ook deze van de Chinese kunstenaar die een pad met stenen uit de haven van Marseille gebruikte om een pad te leggen in de vormen van een oude Chinese scepter, de Ruyi.

Het is bijzonder functioneel als onderdeel van de tentoonstellingsroute en ligt prachtig in het landschap! Bovendien verbindt het de gele fallus van Frans West met het Oosterse House of Air van Lee Ufan

Bij het zien van het werk van Richard Serra kreeg ik het idee dat het een inversie leek van het werk dat hij in het Kröller Müller installeerde.

Toch een van miijn favorieten: Sean Scully: Wall of Light Cubed – 2007

Een paviljoen dat ik nog miste de eerste keer was dat van Tadao Ando: Four Cubes to Contemplate Our Environment – 2008-2011

met kubussen van blikjes, plastic flessen e.d. in glazen kubussen waarop CO2, Rubbish, Water en Futur staat. Bedoeld om te reflecteren op de staat waarin onze planeet zich bevindt.

Het paviljoen zelf is van een duistere schoonheid.

Paul Matisse: Contemplation Bell -2012 Het publiek mag de klok activerren, die klinkt dan dan 10 minuten tot een kwartier door en maakt indruk in dit landschap

Tom Shanon: Drop – 2009

Frank O. Gehry: Muziek paviljoen

Frank O. Gehry: Muziek paviljoen (vanaf tribune)

Dan de tentoonstelling “Surrounded by You” van Tracy Emin

Ik begrijp wel wat ze wil

Maar of ze het uit haar materialen weet te krijgen weet ik niet.

Er is een onvervuld verlangen te ontwaren

ook op klein formaat

Maar daar blijft het bij, en dat op zich intrigeert me wel.

Château La Coste

#10: Athens – The Cycladic Museum

May 28, 2017

Last day in Athens and energy is fading. It is a cold rainy day. We walk to the Museum of Cycladic Art and on the way we see the changing of the guard near the Parliament on Syntagma square: theatrical humbug, especially in the light of what is happening everywhere! Then we find the museum which has a beautiful collection of sculptures and other artifacts. By chance, there is an exhibition of Cy Twombly and archeological highlights from other musea which we all like. After this we buy some souvenirs and decide to walk the path around the Acropolis once more. We have wine on the way and an early dinner: our plane leaves at 09.00h next day!

Cup bearer – Syros phase (2800-2300 B.C.)

Female Figurine – Syros phase (2800-2300 B.C.)

Satyr bearing a child

Cy Twombly – Pan 2x

Cy Twombly: Venus

Cy Twombly: Aphrodite Anadyomene (born from the foam in the breakers)

Cy Twombly: Orpheus


Clay lamp with Ityphallic figure of Pan – Roman Period

Cy Twombly: Apollo

Cy Twombly: Dyonisos

Cy Twombly: Dionysus

Cy Twombly: Anadyomene

Foreground: Cy Twombly – Orpheus

Cy Twombly: Orpheus

Cy Twombly: Victory

Cy Twombly: Orpheus

And on the way some found surrealistic footage

And a final chord on this last day!


Museum of Cycladic Art

Devine Dialogues

#9: Athens – Ancient Agora – Documenta 14@Athens Conservatoire once more

May 27, 2017

This day we decided to visit the ancient Agora, a public place where the ancient Greeks came together. The Agora is situated in front of the Acropolis on which it shows a magnificent view. In the restored Stoa of Attalos you can find a museum with sculptures and archeological findings from the terrain.
After a simple lunch we decided to visit the Athens Conservatoire once more for those who didin’t visit it yet. I appeared to have missed part of the Documenta exhibition there so for me too it was worth while. After that we were to have dinner with our German friends near there, but alas, that didn’t work out.

View on the Acropolis from the Ancient Agora

Triton at the entrance of the Palace of the giants, a gymnasium ( A.D. 410-530) which was built after the Odeion of Agrippa (15 B.C.) was destroyed by fire in the Herulian invasion. This Triton, as the other three that are still te be seen, remains from the Odeion.

The temple of Hephaistos from a distance. This temple is told to be the best kept antique temple on Greek soil.

My wife was able to join me the last couple of days. After having heard so many stories about Athens the past three years she wanted to see for herself again!

The headless Roman emperor  Hadrian

View on the Stoa of Attalos (159 – 138 B.C.) from a distance. This Stoa was built by Attalos II, king of Pergamon for the Athenians to meet, walk and do business. The Heruli destroyed it and in the fifties of the last century it was restored.

View on the inside of the Temple of Hephaistos

View over the length on the inside

View from the north

Metope from the side of the temple

Frontal view on the temple of hephaistos

This is what is left of the Middle Stoa (180-140 B.C.)

View on the restored Stoa of Attalos

Figurines of theatrical personae

Theatrical masks

Plan of the Agora at its fullest development in 2nd century A.D.

Athens Conservatoire


Nevin Aladagh: Music Room with funiture, housewares, musical instrument components and performances. At this moment a musical performance was being held with furniture instruments

Sedja Hémon, a rediscovered artist from Den Haag

Sedja Hémon

Sedja Hémon

Edi Hila

Edi Hila

Elisabeth Wild: Fantasia

Anna Davcíkova: on Allomorphing – 2017

Daniël Knorr: Book press

On this press dummies would be pressed

with stuff from the streets between its pages

The Ancient Agora

Documenta 14

#8: Athens – Museum of the Acropolis – Pireus

May 26, 2017

Platforms Project 2017 has finished, but there are still a few things to be seen. Last year I missed the newly built Museum of the Acropolis so our company decided to visit that area.  One can walk all the way around the Acropolis on a path that passes a lot of antique sites. In the back are the two antique theatres and the new museum, built by Renzo Piano who also built the new Stavros Niarchos cultural centre on the coast. After lunch we went to Pireus to see the performances beïng helt in the Pireus Archaeological Museum, but that museum closes at 15.00 h, so we took the beautiful walk along the east coast back to the city.

On the back of the Acropolis you can see the Parthenon behind the impressive walls.

This is the front of new Acropolis museum

The entrance is built over archaeological findings

The inside is state f the art

Head of a philosopher from the 4th century BC

The genuine Karyatides from the Erechteïon, put here to defend it against weather and pollution.

The backs of the three others, one of which was destroyed by cannon bullets.

On the top floor the museum has the metopes and the Frieze of the Parthenon built 1:1 It is said that this was done to convince musea all over the world to return the parts of the Parthenon that are scattered all over Europe. It is impressive to see that with a wide view on the real Parthenon.

This picture gives you an impression of the top-floor

On the way to lunch in the Plaka in front of the Acropolis we again recognize the pragmatic way of building in Greece.

And grafitti everywhere!

Marina in Pireus

Antique bookshop in the centre of Athens

In a newly discovered neighbourhood in the centre we had some ouzo after dinner

Acropolis Museum

Art Athina 2015 – II

1 juni 2015

The first entire day in Athens was spend on touristic highlights, impossible to avoid, since our sculptor had never been to Greece before.


In modern cities art is everywhere


Athens has a very lively Grafitti-scene


Art in public space is very present like these appropriate shadows by Nikos Kasanlis in the Omonia subway station


Then the National Archeological museum again, I found the Kouros’ hand with the eye in it particularly intriguing


Kouros (detail)


Kore elegantly pulling her peplos while presenting something of which I’m not sure what it is


Beautiful simple grave stéle for Hediste, a woman from Athens


The Varvakeion Athena in theatrical light, the presentation in the Archeological Museum is very suggestive


Siren from the cemetary of Kerameikos in Athens. Lovers of symbolic art wil recognize something here.


These are antique Ex Voto’s, I didn’t know they existed this early. During an earlier visit I bought some metal ones from the 19th century on the market


Nexty to beautiful vases with an octopus painted on it this one with a tree is also very beautiful


My first visit to Athens took place on a self-organized “Bildungsreise” in 1975 during which I attended Gounod’s Opera Faust in this classical theatre, the Odeion, next to the Akropolis.


On the other side of the Akropolis was a baren rock on which people gathered to enjoy the view. It felt like an Antonioni movie.


On the way back we found another tunnel full of grafitti. Strangely the floor and the ceiling stayed untouched.


Some hotels accentuate their location with this kind of surreal accents

National Archeological Museum