Smithson speaks

21 januari 2021

Robert Smithson: Ring of Sulphur and Asphalt – 1972,

Interessant interview met Robert Smithson uit 1972 van de Oral History interviews van The Archives of American Art:

Over Sonsbeek en Broken Circle in Emmen:
“It wasn’t confined by a park or a museum, which I thought was a very good thing. And I feel that that’s one of the major problems right now, to overcome that kind of confined shell. . . . I think the metaphysics of the “thing in itself” have run their course, and . . . it’s no longer convincing to me as legitimate. . . . I’ve had to work my way out of that notion of isolation to a more relational view.”

Archives of American Art

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21 mei 2020

The Greek Site Dreamideamachine asked international participants of Platforms Project NET 2020 some questions about the fair. I was brought in contact with Efi Michalarou to answer the questions on behalf of EX-MÊKH. The interview was published on the site yesterday:

EX-MÊKH, clockwise Ellen Rodenberg, Kees Koomen, Maarten Schepers

How do you feel participating in an online Art Fair like Platforms Project 2020? A new experience that emerged through the needs of Covid 19 World Pandemic fighting. What are the new challenges and what do you expect from this participation?

Kees Koomen (EX-MÊKH): The online Art Fair came about because of the crisis and had to be put together in a short period of time. EX-MÊKH had planned a project with participation of the public, but now that there is no public to participate with directly we changed our plan. Within a week we decided to comment on the situation in a video, making use of our practice in the Malieveld Project in Den Haag. We planned an exhibition in a public space, the Malieveld in Den Haag, with performances and installations. About it we would make a video and send that to Artemis as our tribute to the fair. The result is a Buster Keaton – like video in which artists try to set up an exhibition which seems to fail, but somehow it shows the experience of trial and error artists and curators know from their practice.
We found the challenge in the required improvisation and in the idea of showing a direct reaction on the situation of artists in the world right now in the medium that somehow solves a lot of problems these days . Working with online exhibitions is new to us and we are looking forward to the moment the fair is online.
We expect the fair to have a lot of attention, as always, and we also expect more visibility than in the normal fair. All participants will activate their network so attention will be global. I am curieus about the views on the fair in general and on our booth in particular. Personally I am also participating in three other online artprojects and I expect the artworld to move increasingly in this direction as other elements in society will do. The chance to be part of a big on-line project like this is of course great. I hope there will be a lot of reactions from the public in general. We already benefited from our participation at Platforms project by doïng projects with other platforms and maybe we can make new acquaintances to work with and arouse interest with curators and galleries


Route du soleil

20 januari 2020

Door het weer en meer verlang ik alweer naar het zuiden. Op weg door de Ardennen was me eerder 120 km na Brussel al eerder een nieuw beeld opgevallen dat werd gebouwd en afgelopen herfst was het af. In Le Monde vond ik nu een artikel over dit beeld, meteen het grootste in Europa.

Bernard Venet:l’Arc majeur – -2019

Le Monde