5 juli 2021

Katarina Gregos is de nieuwe artistiek directeur van EMST in Athene, het gebouw waar een groot deel van Documenta
in Athene werd gehouden. In een interview in FRIEZE Magazine zegt zij onder andere:

“To answer that I need to tell you what my idea of a museum is. I believe that museums should be lively centres of knowledge production and critical thinking where ideas of social and civic consciousness are fostered; they should be places of dialogue and exchange where issues that matter – whether locally, regionally or internationally – are articulated. But we should also not lose track of the fact that museums are there to exhibit and promote visual culture – i.e., art. I say this because there’s a lot of emphasis now on activism, discursive programmes and public programmes, which is all well and good but, to me, the core issue, vision and mission of a museum of contemporary art is instigating thought-provoking exhibitions that visitors can enjoy. To my mind, the exhibition remains an incredibly interesting, challenging and rewarding format, primarily because I believe in the work of artists.”


We zullen zien!

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