Platforms Project 2019 – last day

19 mei 2019

For this last day I took some loose ends, works I hadn’t yet seen or neglected:

The kids from the childrens workshop did a tour and worked at the booth of EX-MÊKH

At Tidal Flow Art, artworks were produced from all the garbage that pollute the seas and the oceans

Association Théâtre Dionysos et Apollon had the public participate in making artworks

Sarah Jane Gorlitz from Guelph at Soft Turns. This is a Arabidopsis Thalania worked on with the computer. The plant is the first weed to survive a full life cycle in space. By computertechniques some parts are only enlarged pixels

The Greek-French platform Come Alone showed a great installation done by Adrien Chevrier, who put stuff in a concrete-mixer last year during a performance.

Patara Gallery from Georgia had nice painting, I don’t know by whom, but I liked it a lot!

This is probably another artist from the same gallery.

Das Esszimmer from Bonn had a very subtle presentation, monochrome ceramics by Christoph Mügge and painting by Felix Baudenbacher

And the last stand I hadn’t really looked at showed Yiorgos Giotsas with Tortured Artist

And at the end a genuine Rebetika singer at KoPeKT, the atmosphere at café Kapetan Michalis is truly present!

Platforms Project 2019

Also @ Jegens & Tevens

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