#8: Athens – Museum of the Acropolis – Pireus

May 26, 2017

Platforms Project 2017 has finished, but there are still a few things to be seen. Last year I missed the newly built Museum of the Acropolis so our company decided to visit that area.  One can walk all the way around the Acropolis on a path that passes a lot of antique sites. In the back are the two antique theatres and the new museum, built by Renzo Piano who also built the new Stavros Niarchos cultural centre on the coast. After lunch we went to Pireus to see the performances beïng helt in the Pireus Archaeological Museum, but that museum closes at 15.00 h, so we took the beautiful walk along the east coast back to the city.

On the back of the Acropolis you can see the Parthenon behind the impressive walls.

This is the front of new Acropolis museum

The entrance is built over archaeological findings

The inside is state f the art

Head of a philosopher from the 4th century BC

The genuine Karyatides from the Erechteïon, put here to defend it against weather and pollution.

The backs of the three others, one of which was destroyed by cannon bullets.

On the top floor the museum has the metopes and the Frieze of the Parthenon built 1:1 It is said that this was done to convince musea all over the world to return the parts of the Parthenon that are scattered all over Europe. It is impressive to see that with a wide view on the real Parthenon.

This picture gives you an impression of the top-floor

On the way to lunch in the Plaka in front of the Acropolis we again recognize the pragmatic way of building in Greece.

And grafitti everywhere!

Marina in Pireus

Antique bookshop in the centre of Athens

In a newly discovered neighbourhood in the centre we had some ouzo after dinner

Acropolis Museum


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