Art Athina 2015-III

2 juni 2015

The third day in Athens was mainly spent in Piraeus. The public transport was very unclear so we walked a lot, but we ended up swimming at a rocky beach where I cut my toe avoiding sea-urchins. At the bus stop a friendly woman offered me a plaster on the condition that I took more care in the future. It’s a wonder that she noticed at all. Late afternoon we went to a new cultural centre near Kerameikos, Technopolis, where all kinds of events were supposed to take place. It appeared there was a jazz-festival starting that night and the opening of an exhibition of Jazz photographs next day, but we couln’t come in at that particular moment: there was a lot of sound-checking goïng on. The area was very pleasant though, clearly a place that was getting more and more popular.


Swimming at sea takes some preparation in Greece. One couldn’t really see what it was that drifted in the water, but these telephoto lenses are amazing these days.


Pireaus has two sides, the harbour where all the boats for the islands and further depart, but also other neighbourhoods built on the hills of the peninsula. It made me think of San Francisco sometimes



Back in Athens we walked by the ancient Agora with a view at a Greek Orthodox church and some modern appartments


It looked like a romantic painting


Another example of art in public space (near Kerameikos subway station), wall paintings could be found all over the city


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