EX-MÊKH@ Platforms Project – Art Athina day 4: shaping the booth

14 mei 2014

First impressions of Art Athína, more later!


The gallery booths are still empty


EX-MÊKH also thinks about how to cope with this space


VSVSVS from Toronto is a very friendly collective working on a social sculpture


The galleries are slowly getting organized


The kids can also enjoy themselves, a complete workshop is beïng organized


No Art Fair without talks, the space for this is still under construction


People in Greece still smoke cigarettes, so Marlborough invests money in art here.


A very active cleaningservice manouvres through everything, even during crowded opening hours.As you can see there will be a party on saturday.


Artemis Potamianou is a very active lady who, next to being a visual artist, art-critic curator and having a job at the university is also the organizer of Platform-Projects in which EX-MÊKH participates. On this picture the selection she made from the galleries is shown in an exhibition she curated for the Art Fair.


Which look like this!


Our neighbours, the REM Brand Name Project is a group of students of Art Schools from all over the country including babies who were busy covering the walls from top to bottom with their work.


Art Athina

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