EX-MÊKH@ Platforms Project – Art Athina day 1

11 mei 2014

On a sunday we arrive, a combination of cheap flight and misunderstanding about the date the Fair opens to build up. We appear to have two days to prepare ourselves and find to local inspiration. So after checking in Ellen and yours truly take a walk downtown to get used to the atmosphere. Superficially Athens doesn’t seem to be that much different from other times I visited the city, it seems cleaner and public transport has improved. Later we hear other stories about the state of the country !

IMG_3351 (Kopie)

Our hotel is across a large avenue from the sea

We see Greek-Orthodox churches everywhere, this first one has some nice details

IMG_3356 (Kopie)

As a first impression this is not bad

IMG_3358 (Kopie)

The predictable tourist traps approaching the Plaka

IMG_3363 (Kopie)

First sight at Acropolis which is overlooking everything

IMG_3365 (Kopie)

When the sun sets the light is incredible

IMG_3368 (Kopie)

Terraces are getiing more crowded then they already are


IMG_3369 (Kopie)

Moving through Archeological sites

IMG_3373 (Kopie)

We eventually end up in a nice street with Greek live music from the bar to enjoy our first dinner

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